New Beginnings

Cheers! Here’s to new beginnings, hopefully this will be the last move. If you found me from my blogspirit blog, I can honestly tell you that I don’t know what happened there. Mike wanted me to give them more time. Well, one thing he can tell you about me, and something most of you know about me. Is that I’m pretty darn impatient. I don’t like waiting! The oddest thing about about my blogspirit blog was that even though you couldn’t see my blog, I could still access the administrative side. Odd, isn’t it? I hope I can import all my old posts from blogspirit to here, I’ve asked Mike to help me. But if anyone knows how to, please clue me in. Because as much as I love my Mike. He is a busy guy, and I’d like it done soon. ya know?

I’m going to mess around with this blog a little more, soon there will be a fiber post and the 7 random things meme I was tagged with.


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  1. OHHH this is so much prettier, and even tho we were just on the phone and I was bitchin’ about ppl copying what I was doing and I HATED it….I’m so going to copy you and move to wordpress it is sooo cheerful looking, and the perks you told me about…yeah I’m moving so deal woman! LOL You are more patient than I am, I would have been making a new one that afternoon it went all wonky on me. Now, I must exercise according to the book… Borat would say …”VERY NICE!!!”

  2. I was missing you sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you like your new home – I keep thinking of moving, but haven’t had the time or the energy to look around to see where to go πŸ˜‰ Welcome back!

  3. Wanted to let you know Stephannie McPurl will be back at Web’s MAy 30th. She will be signing her new book. Glad to have found you again!

  4. nice blog!!! I have the same problem with…is really frustrated…I’m thinking of moving as well, but I don’t know how to move the past post to the new.

  5. I’m glad I found you over here!! Love the new site! It reminds me of a plant I have in my garden. Have a great weekend… one handed typing strikes again!

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