I’ve been tagged!

AmandaJ, Heather, and Witchypoo tagged me! Since 3 of ya got me, I guess i have to comply.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog. So here we go.

  1. Each of my kids have been born in a different hospital. Corra was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Bryce was born in Brookville, Pennsylvania. Allysa was born in Dubois Regional Medical Center East here in  Dubois, Pennsylvania. And Kailey was born at West Dubois Regional Medical Center. 
  2. I don’t often wear make up, but I keep buying it. I even used to sell Mary Kay back in 1999.
  3. I went to summer school because I failed Earth Science. I wasn’t about to deal with the troll that taught the class for another semester.
  4. Allegra is the only allergy medication that works for me. Allegra 24 hours wears off to early, Zyterc and Clariton are like taking a sugar pill.
  5. I prefer my pancakes without syrup and my waffles with syrup.
  6. I love Coke and hate Pepsi. Pepsi is waaaay to sweet for me.
  7. I used to sell Stampin’ Up! Products, I enjoyed it.
  8. (Since Witchypoo tagged me with the 8 one) Mostly I’ve hit small game animals with my van/car. I’ve come *thiiiiiiis* close to hitting a deer with my car, and have run over a skunk, groundhog and a squirrel. (The squirrel really broke me up, I was bawling when I arrived at work that day. My boss must have thought I was seriously nutto! My Aunt Adair has had pet squirrels in the past, that her and my Uncle have raised because the mother squirell was killed by a car.) Watch me hit some monster deer or bear tomorrow! Corra’s class is going on a field trip, I get to go. And I am STOKED! Seriously.

I don’t know who to tag for this, because its been floating around everywhere, and I can’t think of who hasn’t done it yet. So if you haven’t yet. Indulge me, will ya? 😉

and so this isn’t a pictureless post here is a picture of Kailey bean

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9 responses

  1. Cute little Kailey Bean! Such a sweet, happy face.
    I have only hit a possum so far. I cried a little. Then my friend reminded me that they play dead all the time and I felt a little better. (I am still not sure it was playing though…)

  2. I ran over a sidewalk the other day. I have yet to hit anyone. Not even an animal. Just a sidewalk. LOL!!! I need to know when you’re coming back up here again. Hopfully after the kids get out of school and everything. I miss you!!! I can’t believe thatafter this summer i’m going to be considered a fricken senior!! :-)!!

    Miss you!!
    Love you!!


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