just when…

… I started feeling comfortable with my cotton stash Mom came for a visit and gifted me more kitchen cotton! Thanks Mom!
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I bought 3 solid balls and 2 of the ombre’s, the rest Mom gifted to me. She bought a whole lot when Michaels had there sale on kitchen cotton a few weeks ago. I asked her to get me 3 or 4 balls! These came just in time to make up some teacher gifts since yesterday was the last day of school for Corra and Bryce. (I’m a little be hind on my blogging I know. Its been a crazy week. I volunteered to help at the kids school picincs Monday and Tuesday, Corra got her hair cut Wendsday. Our hairdresser also owns the daycare the kids go to occasionally, its hard to get out of there! and yesterday…)

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The 2 washcloths  on the left I used fiesta ombre and Abigail’s pinwheel dishcloth. I really like how they worked up, the fiesta ombre is lovely and I was able to get 2 cloths from 1 ball with 1 yard left over! Yay! The 2 other cloth’s I used this pattern, which I saw on girl is craft’s flicker. Yes I am a lemming. Any who, The first one I casted on 21 stitches and used Cremesicle the other cloth I casted on 19 stitches and used strawberry ombre. Funny thing is the smaller cloth used way more yarn than the bigger one. I cheated on all 4 of the cloths too, instead grafting the stitches together I did a 3 needle bin doff. Sooo much easier! The kids gifted these to their teachers yesterday with a bar of handmade soap (not made by me!), a letter, a framed picture of them with their teacher.  It’s hard for me to believe that school is out for the summer and Corra’s going into 3rd grade and Bryce is going into 1st! Corra came off the bus crying, she didn’t get the teacher she wanted, her bff isn’t going to be in her class, and she is going to miss her teacher. Honestly I wasn’t expecting her to come off the bus all smiles, she loves school and her teachers. Bryce has been a bit mopy to, he loves school too, but mostly misses playing with his friends.

Last week I started a pair of cascade fixation footies in a redish orange color (I can’t find the ball band right now.)
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I have to accept the fact that I’m not going to have enough of the orange to finish the 2nd sock, its going to have a hot pink toe. *gr* Last night I casted on bejeweled
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I’ve been craving something lacy! Tomorrow the kids go to their Aunt’s house for a playdate so I can go shopping for a washer and dryer. We’ve taken 1 trip to the landrymat. I hope to have new machines next week! Thanks to everyone I have a better idea of what I want.


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  1. Wow, excellent stash enhancement. Do you like doing the washcloths? I never really could get into that. Try to find some resting time for yourself in the midst of the hectic pace.

  2. Hey, there you are 😀 and here was I thinking you must be too busy to blog. Bloglines does not point out to you that your best friend’s blog has MOVED it just sits there saying “she’s feeling lazy this month”. I’ve updated the feed 😉

    I have almost caught the dishcloth bug 🙂 my boss has been making them like mad and my friend brought me back some cotton from Florida last month, it’s just like the pinky/orange one you have right in the middle of the pile. At the moment I’m knitting washcloths for my friend’s new baby due next month, but I’m sure my sink will be glorified before too long!

  3. You have been busy girl! I love the colour of the socks – they are so you. I cannot believe you are so calm about the washer and dryer situation with all the kiddie laundry you must have to do – whew! Good luck with the shopping.

  4. You can NEVER have too much kitchen cotton! 🙂 The cloths look great.

    Bejeweled is one of my favorite patterns (3 so far this year & 2 afghan squares) – next up I’m thinking maybe a larger wrap or shawl. 🙂

  5. how much yardage is in the balls you got 2 cloths out of? i have a ton and was figuring i’d get one cloth out of each ball, but i’d rather be able to squeeze out 2 …

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