say hello…

… to my two new best friends
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washer and dryer Samsung. I met them yesterday morning at Lowe’s of DuBois and they came home yesterday evening. (How ssweeet is that?!? and its all thanks to Mike)

See even the kids like them
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Selling points:

-vibration reduction technology (these puppies are on a laminate wood floor that isn’t glued down.)

Silver care (which will be good for our allergies. I don’t plan on using it every time I do a load)

-The price for the warranty from Lowes for both machines for 5 years was $150. The Kenmore washer and dryer I was looking at from Sears warranties where insane! The washer for 5 years was $309 and the dryer was $280. The sales woman kept saying “But that includes a free yearly checkup!” I think I can tell if my washer is full of water thank you very much.

-Lowes has 72 hours to complete a service call. Average time it would take for a Service call from Sears one week, no time limit for these people. And Lowe’s doesn’t have a service department! They contract out!!

– Its super quiet compared to the old one! I was fully expecting to hear sounds like a jet taking off as the washer started the spin cycle. Nope, it was quieter than the old one!!

For the first time in my life I am actually excited about doing laundry. Can you believe it?

ps. Mike picked out the color and I just realized they fit into this months theme of Project spectrum!


18 responses

  1. Ooooh, I’m so jealous. I’m waiting for my Maytags to self destruct so I can get front loaders, but since I’m on a “no buying, (except for wool) for one year unless crucial, I guess I have to wait. My Maytag washer is only 8 years old and it dances all over the floor when I do a wash…ciao

  2. Nice set! I love the red. The only reason that I didn’t get a front loaded washer is because of the felting issue. Otherwise, I would love the front loaders. I hear they are very quiet and do very well with the amount of water they use.

  3. Oooh, how perfect is that new appliances and Project Spectrum.

    We bought a front loading washer and dryer from Lowe’s too. I LOVE them, they are soo quiet. And yes, THEIR warranty is amazing!

  4. Okay I am jealous! Front loading are my next purchases – another selling point is that the front loaders are actually more energy efficient and use less water than top loaders….just sayin’.

  5. You have to say it in that Al Pacino voice, “say hello to my little friend!” Good buys and energy efficient. Awesome. There are actually some front loading felting techniques for front loaders but it is very selective.

  6. Wow those are pretty machines! Well thanks for the shopping comparisine….I think if my dryer dies (please be soon) I ‘ll have to go give Lowes a visit.

  7. HOOOOOOOOOORAY FOR YOU! I know nothing about Samsung, but I do KNOW that you are going to love the front loading capacity! So happy you finally got them – HAPPY LAUNDERING!

  8. Wow, that is so exciting!! I am in the market for new ones in the coming months so I read this post with great interest. And isn’t it cute how kids love appliances?!

  9. HAHAHA…how long did it take you to really figure out how to use those beauties?!? And michael…unless he really doesn’t do the laundry…and the kids look so mezmerized by the spinning and such of the clothing. But at least now your dryer won’t be making it across the floor like it would try too. LOL!!!

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