to my Dad


It’s always been hard to find the words to tell you how much I love you. To say thanks for teaching me how to play catch, change oil in my car, how to play golf. Some days I wonder how many golf balls I lost in the woods…

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my Mom and Dad playing with Allysa at playtime pizza.

You where the one who helped me learn how to gut a fish (remember Ariana’s face? Priceless!), and playing tricks on my friends. (Remember when we convinced Jeannette she was eating possom when it was really pot roast? *evil snicker*) You didn’t seem to mind (maybe it was notice) how many rocks I brought into the house. You taught me so many things, I’m glad that your my Dad and my children’s Grandfather. Even if you give them candy and coffee. (Allysa to Pepe: whats that? Pepe: Coffee. want some? Allysa: YES! me: Good lord.) Your a crazy old man, and we love you for that.

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my Dad, teaching Corra and Bryce how to fish

I love you Daddy, Happy Father’s Day.

ps. When ya gonna move into the backyard?


Sorry I’ve been so quiet this week, for some reason I’ve been super tired. What little time I’ve had on the computer I’ve been uploading pictures to flickr and ravelry. Its been fun and interesting to walk down knit memory lane and see what things I’ve knitted and completely forgotten about. Or what yarn’s I’ve bought and forgotten about!