so, I’ve

  • changed the layout on my blog. Anyone that was trying access it last night around 6 was probably wondering what the hell, as I was trying out the different templates, changing the header, generally messing around. So, ya like the new look?  
  • figured out how to get the flickr thingy in my sidebar. I feel so smart!
  • uploaded and catogized my stash on Ravelry and Flickr. All I can say is I want to cast on for ellevendymillion projects right now. But am forcing myself to finish bejewled before I cast on for anything else or bejewled will never be finished.
  • my free pattern for itty bitty socks has its own page, so does my about page. I feel so smart! *snort*
  • gone through my stash and found a bit that I don’t want or won’t use anymore. Look for a destashing post soon!
  • finished my cascade fixation footies Thursday check ’em out

My creation

pattern: CO 64 sts knit 3″ short row heel, knit for length of foot, standard toe.

needles: size 3 dpns

time: started and finished in June 2007

notes: next time I need to knit a shorter cuff if I’m going to use one color! Still comfy art socks 😉

  • figured out how to put more than one flickr photo in a post. Thanks Kim!
  • renewed my driver’s lisence. I can’t believe how much my face has changed in 4 years!
  • caught 4 mice or the same mouse 4 times. This guy isn’t getting back in the house, I took him for a drive and dumped him off in the woods. Then went and bought these at the local hardware store.
  • super tired. I haven’t been able to fall alseep as easily as I usually do. This might have something to do with my allergy meds, or with the coffee I’m finally able to drink now! yay! It doesn’t seem to affect Kailey’s tummy anymore. yay! Its been months since I’ve had a cup. God, have I missed it. mmmm… latte’s, cappacino’s, iced, or a plain ole’ cup of joe. mmmm, how I’ve missed you!
  • realized I’m only human and casted on for a toe up sock
    Toe up sock

13 responses

  1. Your the second person I know that has that layout. It’s quite cool. I don’t have the nerve to leave blogger and start over somewhere else, I wouldn’t know how to move all the stuff and I know the longer I wait the worse it will get. I’d like a 3 column template. I also keep telling myself that I’m going to stop blogging, any day now, but of course I don’t. Too much stuff happening in the world for this opinionated chick to ever stop…ciao

  2. Yeah… thanks to that coffee and/or iced tea, I’m up rading this right now when I should be sleeping! What socks are you knitting? I have half a mind to cast on for some Monkeys right now, but I know I really need to try to go to sleep instead.

  3. Aww…it was nothing. Thanks for the thanks! And your new blog layout is very modern-looking. I really like how your header photo is split across the 4 columns.

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