it was a bit of a secret…

but I didn’t mean it to be! Two weeks ago when I started categorizing my stash I came across this lovely ball of Alchemy synchonicty in the Night Air colorway. I bought this yarn last August when Mike let me go hog wild at the Knit Happens shop. (Had to be one of the best Birthdays eva!)

Alchemy synchonicty the night air

I wound it up months ago, put it in my knitting basket that sits right next to my chair. I thought about it for a few months, of what to do with it, that I’m sure about. But then I forgot about it. When I found it again, I put everything down and casted on for Knit and Tonic’s dream swatch (look in the left sidebar)

Dream Swatch

This yarn was lovely to knit with, the hand. Seriously people, I could knit with it for the rest of my life. Its so lusious I wanted to knit something with it that I could enjoy.

Dream Swatch

Well, that’s been accomplished because I am seriosly enjoying this head scarf!
Dream Swatch

pattern: Knit and Tonic’s Dream Scarf

yarn: Alchemy synchonicty in the Night Air colorway (50%silk 50% wool)

needles: US size 7

time: Started June 13, 2007

Finished June 15, 2007

When Corra saw this she asked for one too! Good thing this was a super quick knit.


16 responses

  1. Beautiful! Your head scarf came out great and looks awesome on you – isn’t it wonderful when everything comes together and makes for such a relaxing knit?! YAY for you!

  2. Hi Amanda, Thanks for the comment. I would love any Socks that Rock leftovers that you have. I tried to find your email, but I am probably blind. So please send me one at ewalton25 at yahoo dot com.
    Don’t you just love the Dream Swatch pattern? One of my favorite patterns, but I am a scarf ho.

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