Let’s play ketchup! Because there really is no other way I’m going to catch up this blog.

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

I started Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I’m using Brooklyn Handspun signature in chocolate covered cherries I’ve had stashed for a while. I think I’ve knit about 3 repeats. See the cute little markers I’m using? Mom gave them to me.

Wee One's sheep

they are just so stinking cute! And just like (almost) every other knitter on the planet I’ve started a pair of Monkey socks

Finished Monkey 1

This picture just makes me laugh, my foot looks so wonky! Second sock is on the needles, and will hopefully be done soon. I’m using Sweet Georgia superwash sock in Spark that I trade with Suzanne. I’m dying to cast on for my waving lace socks. Last week I got my yarn for Mystery Lace shawl 3 from Mom. I still have to cast on…

Jaggerspun Zephyr Pewter

isn’t it pretty? Its the pewter color. So.pretty.must.cast.on.soon! Mike and I took Kailey and Allysa to Brockway for their 4th of July celebration. Mike’s sister rode over with us. We watched the 2freakinghour parade. And later met up with the rest of the family to watch the fireworks. I have to say, I really enjoy meeting up with Mike’s family to watch the fireworks there, its become sort of a tradition for us.

Kailey and her Aunt

(click on pic to go to my flicker set to see all the pictures)

Kailey and Allysa had a blast watching the parade! Kailey didn’t mind all the noise, but the shriners in their little cars really freaked her out! Allysa got a whole shabang of candy. I don’t know what it is about parades. But I cry. Yep, cry. Just a little teary not full out crying. Anyway, there was a bagpiping band (?) click here to see the video.  The music was beautiful.

Ok, I think I’m all caught up!


11 responses

  1. The shawl looks beautiful so far, I love that colorway!

    Your monkey sock looks great! The yarn you chose for MS3 is pretty. I’m halfway through the 2nd clue and I’m loving the pattern so far.

  2. Hey! That yarn looks really cute with that pattern! I’m glad you found a good one to go with it. I’m fine, just busy and going out of town today. Thanks for your email!

  3. And, in no particular order…

    I love the colorway of the fist shawl, don’t worry you don;t have wonky feet, I am the only person who hsdn’t done the monkey socks (yours look amazing!), your ms3 yarn is seriously gorgeous, and omg Kailey is getting so big!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How great! All of that pretty yarn, that parade was a reward wasnt it? hahaah
    By the way those socks and that stole are wonderful!! Very nice work!

  5. a monkey? and you’re going to make the mate too? here i sit with my finished monkey, trying to figure out which yarn and pattern i’m going to play with next!
    i hope you get lots of knitting done on your roadtrip. i look forward to the pictures too 🙂

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