4 days in Virginia

We left pretty late on Sunday, it was around 5:30 when we finally got on I-80. So we didn’t pull into the Campground in Ashland Virginia until 12:30-1am.

Day 1:

  • I finished the toe on my 1st mini-van sock, I still have to cast on for its mate.

Finished Mini-Van sock

  • We stocked up on groceries and other things that we needed for the trailer at the Super Wal-mart in Richmond.
  • Went swimming at the pool at the campground. It was 101 degree’s Fahrenheit, and humid!
  • updated 7/15 got locked out of the bathroom of the trailer. Which there is no key for. My library card and a steak knife saved the day.

Day 2:

  • Went back to the damned Wal-mart. Cause there was more stuff that we needed for the trailer.
  • Went swimming at the pool at the campground. Still hot and humid out.

Day 3:

CMoR mosaic

1. Children’s Museum of Richmond, 2. Children’s Museum of Richmond, 3. Children’s Museum of Richmond, 4. Children’s Museum of Richmond

  • and had a TON of fun! There was a large model of a stomach that you could crawl though and it burped! hehe.  The kids wouldn’t crawl through it. Sissy’s! There was a pretend grocery store and cafe where the kids shopped for groceries and cooked up pretend meals. A good way to teach them how to make good food choices. (It aggravates me to no end that the school system is trying to teach my kids that all treats are bad no matter how much you have. I think sweets are ok in moderation.) The kids LOVED the tree playhouse, the clock tower, the shadow play room, and the Learning Garden outside. I wish we lived closer or we had a museum like this! best $28 I’ve ever spent! 
  • got horribly lost in Richmond following my own crappy directions trying to find the yarn lounge. I gave up, and tried to find my way back to I-195. Got horribly lost (again) Called Mike when I freaked out. While I was trying to find what street I was on found an on ramp to I-195. Dope!
  • Went swimming at the pool at the campground. Wasn’t quite as humid this day.
  • Had super yummy Pizza hut pizza.

Day 4:

    See ya Virginia!

  • packed up the camper and the mini-van to go home.
  • Went swimming at the pool at the campground.
  • Wished I left later (5/6pm) because I hit the freaking traffic on the beltway. URGH! (The traffic doesn’t seem to be as bad after 7pm)
  • Had dinner at Cracker Barrel in Haggerstown Maryland.
  • Smiled while one more person said “you’ve got your hands full.” Really what is the best way to respond to this? I know I have my hands full, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Arrived home around 11:00pm.

oh, how I wish we could have stayed one more day! But Mike was heading 3 hours South for a few days and that would have made our trip home wayyy to long! Our house seems soo much bigger after staying in the camper. I’m already thinking and planning our next trip! I want to see the desert, but I think that trip should wait until October or November. The farthest West I’ve been is Indianapolis, Indiana when Mike drove truck for TMC.  My kids love to travel, they enjoy the adventure and so do I!


15 responses

  1. What fun! But I can’t believe you’ve never been west of Indianapolis! You have to take the kids to the Rocky Mountains! It’s a great place to visit in the summer because the weather is still cool.

  2. Take a road trip up to Canada some day. I’d love to have a camper and go wherever….my dream is Route 66 all the way to California, now only how to convince my sweetie…ciao

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time. The children’s museum sounds wonderful. I love taking the kids places where they can learn and have fun.

    Love the colors of your travel sock!

  4. Sounds like you had a nice family time. July isn’t the hottest month for us yet. It gets worse around the end of summer and early Sept. Our best scuba diving here for water temperature is Sept/Oct.

    Next time you will have to come more down my way. I can show you yarn stores here and we won’t get lost!! lol!

  5. I agree with Rositta, head to Canada! Imagine the fiber possibilities and the great camping up there. Also, you can’t go in October because of Rhinebeck! In the meantime, welcome home.

  6. Sounds like you are having lots of fun. I understand about people saying you have your hands full. I didn’t have a way to email you back so the yarn is Fleece Artist in the Tiger colorway that I got from the Loopy Ewe.

  7. thanks for the post, actually all 3 of these children will be born in January. My daughter is the 31st & my son the 21st – Maybe Jack will come on the 11th & they will all be spaced out by 10 days….lol

  8. OMG, I’m so jealous:D My son adores that museum. I wish we could have gone there together.

    It does sound like you had a great time. Hopefully soon our pathes will cross.

  9. What a great road trip! Eeee! I am 45 mins away from Hagerstown! I gotta give you my cell so you can call me when you make these road trips.

    Yeah for steak knives and library cards!

    I SOOO would have crawled through the stomach.

  10. Your so funny! You know what you made me think of, that Movie with Chevy Chase where theyre traveling and there was that song ‘Holiday Road’? hahah

    Its so great that your kids are enjoying themselves as well!

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