West Virginia wild & wonderful part 2

Here we go with part 2, this trip I had the opportunity to knit. I finished my toe up interlacement socks on the 5th of August.

toe up tiny toes

many thanks to tempe who sent me some leftover interlacement tiny toes. If it wasn’t for her these socks would have been a bust! Here are the stats:

Pattern: I increased to 64 sts, short row heel, knit 13 rows K2, P2 cast of Option 2
Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes color 216, and a little bit of tapestry from Tempe.

Needles: US 1.5 (2.50mm) dpns.

Notes: The socks are a bit loose, I probably should have increased to 60 or 62.  I’m loven the wild colors and stipes. They aren’t my faves, but they are growing on me.
toe up tiny toes

the heels are just too cool on these socks! Tuesday I took the kids to Discovery Station and Hagerstown Aviation Museum. The kids enjoyed themselves especially the airplane
Discovery Station and Hagerstown Aviation Museum

The airplane had the same smell that my Dad’s plane had when I was a kid! Must have been those airplane plastic seats. Bought back some wonderful memories of family trips.

Discovery Station and Hagerstown Aviation Museum

I could have left the kids there to play with the airplane all day, they loved pretending to fly! We went to the Martinsburgh West Virginia City pool Wednesday. (Sorry no photo’s, I forgot all about the camera again.) It was a very hot day, and the pool was a wonderful way to cool off! Thursday we drove home and luckily we missed the storm .  Allysa’s health registration  was at 1:30 and we where just a little bit late. Saterday we had a family picnic, and Corra had her BFF’s birthday sleepover.  Today I met my parents in Wilks-berre to pick up Heather who will be with me for a couple of days, yay! I can’t tell ya’ll how happy I am to be out of the damed car.  I’m all caught up and if you followed me though all that babble you should get a gold star. Night ya’ll!


13 responses

  1. What fun socks!

    Isn’t it fun with some place smells like a fond childhood memory? My garage has the same musty smell that my grandparent’s garage in CA had – in fact, the first time my sister was in it she made the same comment.

  2. You sure get around, lucky you. I was in Wilkes Barre once, I had an auntie there (now deceased) that I visited. Beautiful country if memory serves. I love those ankle socks, I’m knitting some more too…ciao

  3. I really have to try those toe-up socks, they look great. Love the look of your new blog too…sorry I’ve been to lazy to visit this past summer…pool was much more appealing than the computer.

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