Still here!

wow. Its been busy here and I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks! I’ve been buried under a few things, but luckily I’ve made my way out.  I had my niece for a few days last week, which I enjoyed. It was nice having a chauffeur!
My chauffeur..

We brought her back home last Thursday, just in time for lobster that her Mom brought home. mmmmm.. it was good. I’m a horrible blogger because in my haste to get a warm lobster (er two *very* yummy lobsters) the camera stayed in the bag. The kids and I have been staying with my parents visiting, we completed their school shopping

School shoping

Got clothes and shoes for 3 kids, and a few cute little outfits for Kailey. (I couldn’t resist!) All for around $500. I love me a good sale 🙂  We also took the kids to build a bear, and later we enjoyed lunch at Friendly’s


I finished my Johnny come lately socks, which I can’t remember if I even blogged about them
Johnny-come-lately socks

(more pictures here)

Pattern: jaywalkers by Grumperinia Published in Magknits

Yarn: Fishy wishy in a dishy by See Jayne knits superwash merino

Needles: US 1 (2.75mm) dpns

Notes: I’m in love with this yarn! I love the bright contrasting colors and I’m hoping that they don’t fade. The fabric is wonderful. And I love how the yarn striped.

I started my Dad’s Birthday socks, and I was a good girl and swatched for the socks.


I’m using the smooshy sock yarn I bought a few weeks ago and size 3.00mm. I’ve finished one sock and am on the heel of the second one. We’re going home to Pennsylvania on Sunday. And the kids start school on Tuesday the 28th.  Busy, busy, busy! Must be off. There’s cake to eat, today’s my Bday!


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