So last night there was a meeting for the girls in Corra’s Girl Scout troop… We lost our leader this year, and we had 2 choices. Someone steps up and becomes a leader, or the girls can go a neighboring town’s troop. Just guess who’s the new troop leader. Your a bunch of smart cookie’s ya’ll will figure it out. I did have one catch though, I won’t have anything to do with fundraising. My daughter will sell, but I’m not in charge. (I.hate.fundraising. Remember Krispy Kremes? Urgh!) I can’t wait to start! This is going to be sooo much fun!

Speaking of fun, check out this cute kid! I gave Kailey some of her food last night, so she could “feed” herself. The little A veggie puff on her forehead cracks me up! Kailey had so much fun smooshing the food through her fingers before putting it into her mouth.

I finished my Autumn Leaves shawl last night, and its blocking on the guest bed right now. I had to block it on an angle, and both ends are on the sides of the mattress! I love my steamer, it made blocking this piece so much easier! The zippers I ordered from zipperstop came yesterday, I ordered them Wednesday! It came with an extra one because someone read the woman’s handwritting wrong. How nice is that? Hopefully this zipper will work and there will be a slue of FO’s this week… what to knit next?


Fugly and not

I tried to knit a baby bootie with the leftover yarn from tulip, it didn’t work out. It turned out lookin like a  moon boot

Fugly bootie
Go ahead and try to tell me its not fugly. I’ve already frogged it even though Kailey thought it was mighty tasty.
cutie pie

mmmm… wool.
Susie, sneaky Susie, tagged me with 7 weird things about me. Even though I’ve done this meme before, you guys apparently know that I have lots of weird things to keep ya’ll occupied for hours. Really hours.

So, here are the rules.
1. Link to your tagger and post rules
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird
3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names
4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog

  1. Back in the day I chatted on mIRC. My handle was Bratzy.
  2. I’ve been told that my outgoing message on my awnsering machine sounds “hostile”
  3. I’m really bad about returning library books and movies. (Only these things, If a friend lends me something, like clothes. I make sure to give it back. Quickly) Thank goodness the library books are only 5 cents a day and blockbuster just has the restocking fee.
  4. I can not fall asleep with out a blanket, not a sheet. Doesn’t matter if its 11billion degrees.
  5. I haven’t been able to wear my rings since I was about 7 months pregnant with Kailey, even though I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. When I wear a necklace it hurts my neck and back after a few hours. But I still can’t resist pretty little baubles like this: pinky squared yarn necklace by mackNecklace from
  6. People who say to me “your busy.” or “you’ve got your hands full” really piss me off. (These are people who are strangers, just see me and my kids in a store. Or walking in the mall. Etc. And its not like my kids are dirty and climbing around in a sugar high. If anything Allysa is dancing.)
  7. How do I explain this? When I crave a food I eat a whole bunch of it, then I don’t eat it or think of it for months… or years. Like sour cream and cheddar chips, had to have them in August. Now, ick. No thanks.
  8. I’ve known how to ski since Kindergarten and I still suck at it.
  9. I’m really bad about talking about knitting project that is in progress. I think its because the process is something that I just enjoy and can’t describe. And I get bored reading about it. I’ve also become really bad about showing FO’s I finished the mini-van socks earlier this month (2 weeks ago)

Mini Van socks, done!

Vesper Merino sock, 2.00mm dpns, CO 64 sts, picot edge, flap heel, my standard toe, 10sts/inch, they’re to small for me, their going to Mom.

oh. yeah. It’s supposed to be 7 things, not 9! See what I told you. Hours people. Hours!

I guess… I tag.. um.. I’m trying to think of people who haven’t done this one yet… uhhhh…

  1. Jamie steal your kids fab mitts while you knit him a new pair
  2. Carrie K I don’t think you’ve done this one yet…
  3. Heather because the postal service was quick!
  4. Diane if you can find the time while your trying to find a flat.
  5. Jenn because your blog needs more random babble ; )
  6. Kelly I drool over your sock basket.
  7. Esther cause nothing helps the blah’s like a bit of weird.

While waiting for the zipper….

This weekend I went searching for a 9″ separating zipper. Who knew it would be *that* hard to find one? I checked Jo-ann’s. Nope. They had 7″ and 10″ but no 9″. grrr. Walmart? We won’t talk about that. Urgh. I checked our local 5 and dime, nope. Today I finally had the moment to call zipper stop and ordered 2 9″ zippers. Hopefully they will be here soon! I want to finish up tulip before Fall really begins and this crazy 80 degree weather ends.
Anywho, there was quite a bit of yarn left over from the tulip sweater. And while waiting for the zipper I knit Kailey a hat to go with her sweater.
Picture 1478

I figured some one else might want to use up their scraps too, so I wrote the un-pattern A colorful hat for baby. You’ll find it on my sidebar in the free patterns section. You still need the tulip cardigan pattern to knit this hat, I didn’t want to give away how the color changes are made. I feel that really makes the pattern. There is a little bobble (hehee I kept typing booble! heehe) on top of the hat. Its so sweet! There is still a bit of yarn leftover, I think there might be enough for a pair of booties…

Stash Sale!

Since I’ve organized my stash for Ravelry I have found some yarn that I just don’t love anymore and some needles that I have duplicates of. The yarn deserves a good home (the needles too). Here is the scoop, I accept paypal and will ship all items on Monday. If you buy something today (Saturday) I will try to mail it today, but I don’t want to make any promises. The yarn comes from a smoke-free home, it lives in a coffee table (big box) away from the 4 children, 2 cats and 1 guinea pig. I’m also open for trades, just ask! Please email me mistress_stash_enhancer (at) yahoo (dot) com if your interested in anything listed here. Additional pictures are available upon request. Click on all pictures to make bigger

1 Ironstone Starlights 50% mohair 8% wool 36% rayon 6% nylon 143 yards
purchased from Webs for $25 will sell for $14 including Priority Mail shipping in the US.


6 Svale by dale of norway color 513
4 in dyelot 5936
2 in dye lot 1230
Purchased from Webs for $32.10 will sell for $20 including Priority Mail shipping in the US

Color me Shimmer color Elegant

1 Color me Shimmer (second picture from the bottom) color Elegant will sell for $8 including Priority Mail shipping in the US. Would make a lovely scarf on big needles.

Wool in the Woods Rugged color Bashful

1 Wool in the Woods Rugged color Bashful purchased for $14 will sell for $8 including Priority Mail shipping in the US

cicular needles

from top to bottomClover 24″ US 4 paid $7.50 will sell for $3 shipping included

Clover 29″ US 11 paid $10 will sell for $5 shipping included

Inox 29″ US 4 paid 5.75 will sell for $2 shipping included

Price for whole lot $8 including shipping!

Straight needles

from top to bottom
Clover US 4 13″ paid $12 will sell for $6 shipping included

Clover US 9 13″ paid $12 will sell for $6 shipping included

Clover US 13 14″ paid $9 will sell for $4 shipping included

Clover US 15 14″paid $9 will sell for $4 shipping included

price for whole lot $10 including shipping!


from left to right
Brittany double pointed needles set of 5 5″ US 1 bought for $7 will sell for $5 including Priority Mail shipping in the US.
Addi turbo’s – Sold, Thanks!

It never occurred to me…

It never occurred to me… that there would this many ends to weave in!

Tulip baby sweater in progress

A little slow on the upbeat I know! I usually weave in as I go, but I wasn’t 100% sure that it was going to fit Kailey. I wanted to be able to rip back if I wanted too. (Which I have twice, before sticking with the 6-9 month size.) I finished the body of the tulip sweater tonight, and now I’m going to toss a quarter and see if I should start with the sleeves or the rest of the edging…

I’m reading the Memory keepers daughter right now, and just like this sweater I can’t seem to put it down.

btw, I think I’m going to have a stash sale this weekend. I have a mess of yarn that I just don’t love anymore, and it deserves to be loved. I also have some needles and purse handles that I’m never going to use. So keep a look out for that.

Crappers, Kailey is up. Night!


The past 2 days have been full of surprises.

Bryce lost his 1st tooth

What's Missing?

Kailey’s 2 bottom teeth came in. Both at the same time. She’s working on an eye tooth now. (She’s going to look like a vampire! *giggle*)

Kailey bean 8 months

My Dad came for a surprise visit

Pepe and K-bean

Dude is lucky Mom tipped me off, or he wouldn’t have a bed to sleep on!

I started Kailey’s tulip sweater

tulip sweater in progress

(I’m trying to convince myself that Strange Harvest (the brown) does not look like baby poop.)

and Pork Rind was crowned the Queen of Guinea pigs

Pork Rind, Queen of the Guinea pigs

Thank you all so much for helping me with the toggle color issue! I went with the darker, sewed them all on today. And as soon as I gift it I will show a picture. (Some family members know of the blog, I don’t know if she is one or not.)

light? dark?

I can’t seem to make up my mind (I blame lack of sleep, but thats my own fault. Staying up late knittin.) So please help me decide. I’m knitting a cardigan for a new(ish) cousin, and I can’t decide on the toggle color

I can't decide! which toggles?

click here for the really big size

the top (lighter) one? or the bottom (darker) one?

I like the darker one. (I rubbed some paint onto the toggle. If I do this I’m going to paint it with a coat of poly so the paint doesn’t come off in the wash)

Pleeeease tell me what you think. As, I can’t seem to make up my mind!

closure; a button, a toggle, a clasp

closure; a button, a toggle, a clasp. It all comes down to closure. And just like as it is in life, its hard to find the perfect closure for a knitted piece too. Remember something red? Way back during the big blog crash of 2007? I finished this knit back in May (2 weeks after I started it) and it sat. and it sat. and it sat. Until I found the perfect closure.

Something red

(photo by Corra)

At first I tried a glass button I found in my Grandmother’s sewing box. But I put the button hole too low and it made the sweater gap open at the top. I thought a clasp would be perfect. I ordered 2 clasps from the button drawer, and thanks to super fast shipping, I sewed the trivet clasp on last night and proclaimed victory of closure!

Something red

I think it looks pretty darn good. Much better than the button.

Something red

(photo by Corra)


Pattern: Something red by Wendy Bernard

Yarn: Louet Gems Euroflax Merlin Camelot 5 hank in color 60-2895 (Yarndex calls it Rose, but its really a rich red)

needles: Knitpicks options US 7 (4.5mm)

time: knitting May 15 – 23 2007

notes: I love this sweater since I took off the button and sewed on the clasp. I wore it out today to my Dr’s appointment and received many complements. (I got my DTaP shot yesterday and some blood drawn. Holy crap does my arm HURT!)

Its nice to have finally finished this sweater, now I have closure…

Wonderful things…

come in large unmarked white envelopes from England!

Gifties from Diane

Thank you so much Diane! So many fantastic Birthday presents, Thank you! Corra thinks the dishcloths would make perfect doll blankets (Isn’t she cute?) A lovely rose scented candle, a fantastic card, yummy yummy chocolate (sorry the green & black didn’t quite make it for the photo. Blood sugar issues. I’m sure you all understand! *L*) and do you see that in the background?

Handspun from Diane

(click for a close up)

Diane sent me some of her handspun. She sent me some of her handspun (yes, I really did wright that twice!) Isn’t it lovely? Its so my colors, and so darn lovely! I’m thinking socks, with reinforced heels and toes. Right now its on my little table next to me, so I can stare at it. Because its so darn Lovely! Thanks Diane for such a wonderful Birthday present!

oh, I bought new shoes today. While I was at the mall, all by myself!

new Shoes!

I found them at Sears (on sale!) , right now they have newspaper stuffed in the toe. They push down on my toes, and I’m hoping to bend the whatevertheheckitis so its not so uncomfortable. Aren’t they cute?

(hahaha You know what my Mailman said to me today, “you sure do get a lot of packages.”)

Happy Birthday Mikie-poo!

Happy Birthday to you,

Mike and Corra

Happy Birthday to you,

Allysa and Daddy

Happy Birthday dearest Mikie-poooo!

Mike 2006

Happy Birthday to you!

(enjoy the video, that’s my voice in the background sounding like *the* biggest goofball)

Many Happy Birthday wishes to you my love, I can’t wait for you to come home so we can celebrate your bday!

btw I hope you enjoy those hostess cupcakes that I hid in your laundry! heehee