Ulterior Motive

yes, I admit I had an ulterior motive to get the van washed. I don’t particularly like going to the car wash (Mike still doesn’t get why I only go to the automatic ones. Helllooo, I don’t like to get my shoes wet!). I used to hate getting gas, and BK I have coasted into a gas station, twice. Anyway. The van was *really* dirty.

Wash me!

see, really, really dirty. So Saturday I went to Sheetz got me a cappuccino. (The fake kind, powdered coffee, milk mixed with really hot water. Surprisingly good.) And got a car wash, so I could put this on!

Notorious Sock Knitter

It came with my birthday present from Mike,

Thank you hunny!

from left to right hollyday, foo foo, blue moonstone and rose quartz. All in mediumweight, and all so nice! (close up pictures in this flickr set) Thank you my love, for a wonderful Birthday present! I hope you enjoy yours when you finally get to open it Wendsday. mahhahaha.

PS. When I excitedly asked Mike if I could put the sticker on the van, he awnsered in a very strained voice

“on the glass.”