Happy Birthday Mikie-poo!

Happy Birthday to you,

Mike and Corra

Happy Birthday to you,

Allysa and Daddy

Happy Birthday dearest Mikie-poooo!

Mike 2006

Happy Birthday to you!

(enjoy the video, that’s my voice in the background sounding like *the* biggest goofball)

Many Happy Birthday wishes to you my love, I can’t wait for you to come home so we can celebrate your bday!

btw I hope you enjoy those hostess cupcakes that I hid in your laundry! heehee


8 responses

  1. Happy Birthday Mike! (I sang to him yesterday, I’m sure he loved that!)
    I love the video!
    Happy Birthday Big Monkey! Wonder where they got the Monkey idea from, hmmmm I think someone I know says that.
    Pork Rind looks cute, was he/she singing too?
    Love ya, Mom

  2. why thank you for asking me heather, but amanda ISNT willing to give me up that quickly or without a fight at the moment *ROFL* i think she still wants to keep me for some odd reason 😉

    perhaps you could bribe her with some stash, and hostess cupcakes, and a very shiny object, and you might get atleast 1 town away before she catches on……. *JK hunny*

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