Wonderful things…

come in large unmarked white envelopes from England!

Gifties from Diane

Thank you so much Diane! So many fantastic Birthday presents, Thank you! Corra thinks the dishcloths would make perfect doll blankets (Isn’t she cute?) A lovely rose scented candle, a fantastic card, yummy yummy chocolate (sorry the green & black didn’t quite make it for the photo. Blood sugar issues. I’m sure you all understand! *L*) and do you see that in the background?

Handspun from Diane

(click for a close up)

Diane sent me some of her handspun. She sent me some of her handspun (yes, I really did wright that twice!) Isn’t it lovely? Its so my colors, and so darn lovely! I’m thinking socks, with reinforced heels and toes. Right now its on my little table next to me, so I can stare at it. Because its so darn Lovely! Thanks Diane for such a wonderful Birthday present!

oh, I bought new shoes today. While I was at the mall, all by myself!

new Shoes!

I found them at Sears (on sale!) , right now they have newspaper stuffed in the toe. They push down on my toes, and I’m hoping to bend the whatevertheheckitis so its not so uncomfortable. Aren’t they cute?

(hahaha You know what my Mailman said to me today, “you sure do get a lot of packages.”)


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