closure; a button, a toggle, a clasp

closure; a button, a toggle, a clasp. It all comes down to closure. And just like as it is in life, its hard to find the perfect closure for a knitted piece too. Remember something red? Way back during the big blog crash of 2007? I finished this knit back in May (2 weeks after I started it) and it sat. and it sat. and it sat. Until I found the perfect closure.

Something red

(photo by Corra)

At first I tried a glass button I found in my Grandmother’s sewing box. But I put the button hole too low and it made the sweater gap open at the top. I thought a clasp would be perfect. I ordered 2 clasps from the button drawer, and thanks to super fast shipping, I sewed the trivet clasp on last night and proclaimed victory of closure!

Something red

I think it looks pretty darn good. Much better than the button.

Something red

(photo by Corra)


Pattern: Something red by Wendy Bernard

Yarn: Louet Gems Euroflax Merlin Camelot 5 hank in color 60-2895 (Yarndex calls it Rose, but its really a rich red)

needles: Knitpicks options US 7 (4.5mm)

time: knitting May 15 – 23 2007

notes: I love this sweater since I took off the button and sewed on the clasp. I wore it out today to my Dr’s appointment and received many complements. (I got my DTaP shot yesterday and some blood drawn. Holy crap does my arm HURT!)

Its nice to have finally finished this sweater, now I have closure…