light? dark?

I can’t seem to make up my mind (I blame lack of sleep, but thats my own fault. Staying up late knittin.) So please help me decide. I’m knitting a cardigan for a new(ish) cousin, and I can’t decide on the toggle color

I can't decide! which toggles?

click here for the really big size

the top (lighter) one? or the bottom (darker) one?

I like the darker one. (I rubbed some paint onto the toggle. If I do this I’m going to paint it with a coat of poly so the paint doesn’t come off in the wash)

Pleeeease tell me what you think. As, I can’t seem to make up my mind!


15 responses

  1. Definitely the darker one. The lighter one is too stark against the red, while the darker one picks up the different shades of the yarn and looks more natural.

  2. OK, so just to be contrary, I’m going to say the lighter one. If it is for a wee one, I think the contrast is cute and appropriate for a kid’s sweater. And it’s less work. But it looks like I’m outnumbered!

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