The past 2 days have been full of surprises.

Bryce lost his 1st tooth

What's Missing?

Kailey’s 2 bottom teeth came in. Both at the same time. She’s working on an eye tooth now. (She’s going to look like a vampire! *giggle*)

Kailey bean 8 months

My Dad came for a surprise visit

Pepe and K-bean

Dude is lucky Mom tipped me off, or he wouldn’t have a bed to sleep on!

I started Kailey’s tulip sweater

tulip sweater in progress

(I’m trying to convince myself that Strange Harvest (the brown) does not look like baby poop.)

and Pork Rind was crowned the Queen of Guinea pigs

Pork Rind, Queen of the Guinea pigs

Thank you all so much for helping me with the toggle color issue! I went with the darker, sewed them all on today. And as soon as I gift it I will show a picture. (Some family members know of the blog, I don’t know if she is one or not.)


10 responses

  1. Yes… yes I am jealous of the crown! NICE! No… not baby poop! It looks like the color of winter field in TX! (Then again, I haven’t seen baby poop in a while. The nephews will be staying over in a couple weeks though, so I will let you know!)

  2. Oh, I think Strange Harvest looks exactly like baby poop! When they first start having solids and you can tell what the meal was — hmm, carrots? Green beans?
    But it’s such a beautiful intriguing baby poop color! (I have it in Smooshy and love it.) I guess we do have to come up with a better mental image, though, in fairness to the gorgeous yarn.

  3. Yay for teeth! My eye teeth came in first, top and bottom. They called me Baby Dracula (muuaah ha ha ha). They say its genetic. I can’t wait to see which of Thaya’s cut first.

    I can’t wait to see Tulip!

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