It never occurred to me…

It never occurred to me… that there would this many ends to weave in!

Tulip baby sweater in progress

A little slow on the upbeat I know! I usually weave in as I go, but I wasn’t 100% sure that it was going to fit Kailey. I wanted to be able to rip back if I wanted too. (Which I have twice, before sticking with the 6-9 month size.) I finished the body of the tulip sweater tonight, and now I’m going to toss a quarter and see if I should start with the sleeves or the rest of the edging…

I’m reading the Memory keepers daughter right now, and just like this sweater I can’t seem to put it down.

btw, I think I’m going to have a stash sale this weekend. I have a mess of yarn that I just don’t love anymore, and it deserves to be loved. I also have some needles and purse handles that I’m never going to use. So keep a look out for that.

Crappers, Kailey is up. Night!