While waiting for the zipper….

This weekend I went searching for a 9″ separating zipper. Who knew it would be *that* hard to find one? I checked Jo-ann’s. Nope. They had 7″ and 10″ but no 9″. grrr. Walmart? We won’t talk about that. Urgh. I checked our local 5 and dime, nope. Today I finally had the moment to call zipper stop and ordered 2 9″ zippers. Hopefully they will be here soon! I want to finish up tulip before Fall really begins and this crazy 80 degree weather ends.
Anywho, there was quite a bit of yarn left over from the tulip sweater. And while waiting for the zipper I knit Kailey a hat to go with her sweater.
Picture 1478

I figured some one else might want to use up their scraps too, so I wrote the un-pattern A colorful hat for baby. You’ll find it on my sidebar in the free patterns section. You still need the tulip cardigan pattern to knit this hat, I didn’t want to give away how the color changes are made. I feel that really makes the pattern. There is a little bobble (hehee I kept typing booble! heehe) on top of the hat. Its so sweet! There is still a bit of yarn leftover, I think there might be enough for a pair of booties…