So last night there was a meeting for the girls in Corra’s Girl Scout troop… We lost our leader this year, and we had 2 choices. Someone steps up and becomes a leader, or the girls can go a neighboring town’s troop. Just guess who’s the new troop leader. Your a bunch of smart cookie’s ya’ll will figure it out. I did have one catch though, I won’t have anything to do with fundraising. My daughter will sell, but I’m not in charge. (I.hate.fundraising. Remember Krispy Kremes? Urgh!) I can’t wait to start! This is going to be sooo much fun!

Speaking of fun, check out this cute kid! I gave Kailey some of her food last night, so she could “feed” herself. The little A veggie puff on her forehead cracks me up! Kailey had so much fun smooshing the food through her fingers before putting it into her mouth.

I finished my Autumn Leaves shawl last night, and its blocking on the guest bed right now. I had to block it on an angle, and both ends are on the sides of the mattress! I love my steamer, it made blocking this piece so much easier! The zippers I ordered from zipperstop came yesterday, I ordered them Wednesday! It came with an extra one because someone read the woman’s handwritting wrong. How nice is that? Hopefully this zipper will work and there will be a slue of FO’s this week… what to knit next?