So last night there was a meeting for the girls in Corra’s Girl Scout troop… We lost our leader this year, and we had 2 choices. Someone steps up and becomes a leader, or the girls can go a neighboring town’s troop. Just guess who’s the new troop leader. Your a bunch of smart cookie’s ya’ll will figure it out. I did have one catch though, I won’t have anything to do with fundraising. My daughter will sell, but I’m not in charge. (I.hate.fundraising. Remember Krispy Kremes? Urgh!) I can’t wait to start! This is going to be sooo much fun!

Speaking of fun, check out this cute kid! I gave Kailey some of her food last night, so she could “feed” herself. The little A veggie puff on her forehead cracks me up! Kailey had so much fun smooshing the food through her fingers before putting it into her mouth.

I finished my Autumn Leaves shawl last night, and its blocking on the guest bed right now. I had to block it on an angle, and both ends are on the sides of the mattress! I love my steamer, it made blocking this piece so much easier! The zippers I ordered from zipperstop came yesterday, I ordered them Wednesday! It came with an extra one because someone read the woman’s handwritting wrong. How nice is that? Hopefully this zipper will work and there will be a slue of FO’s this week… what to knit next?


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  1. Wow!! Look at you! Troop Leader!! I was never allowed in the Girl Scouts, do you have a special name? Special hand shake? Will Pork Rind share her crown with you??

    Kailey is adorable!!!

  2. Oh geez. Babies. That’s not the way we eat vegetables….

    Troop Leader, eh? Fundraising is not so much fun. Hard work.

    What steamer do you have? And cant’t wait to see the blocked pix of Autumn Leaves.

  3. Oh how funny, I was a Daisy, Brownie and GS leader for 3 years until I let someone else have all the fun:) I was also the Cookie Mom which was WAY WORSE, you’ll have fun with it!!

  4. You are such a good person. My mom did the opposite when I was a girl scout. She didn’t want to be the leader but did cookie sales. She only did it once and swore she would never do it again. My troop won but I couldn’t eat those cookies for years! You will have great time with the girls. I dearly loved being a scout. I still have my sash and all my badges.

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