Colorful sweater for baby

So much cuteness its hard to find words other than “awww!!”

Tulips sweater

I saw this sweater on the yarn harlot a few months ago, I thought about it. And thought about it. And thought some more. Then I just gave in and ordered the kit. I casted on a few days after I received it. (Pick up Sticks has wonderful service, I got my package less than a week from ordering it. And their in Canada!) Seeing how Kailey is now 8 months old and the sweater size is for a 6-9 month old baby. It should fit her for a few more months, by the rate she’s growing I’m not sure! With her matching hat (un-pattern here) she is just a bundle of cuteness! Its starting to get chilly here in Western Pennsylvania, I finished this at the perfect time
Tulip sweater

I did change up the pattern a little, you can see it better in this picture. Although the sweater doesn’t look quite as cute as when Kailey is wearing it.

Tulip sweater

pattern: tulip, a colorful cardigan for baby by Lindsay Pekny
yarn: Kit from pick up sticks (there was enough left over. I wonder if there was enough to knit the next size up…) dream in color classy.
needles: Knit picks options US 7 (4.50mm)
gauge: 5.5 sts/inch 6 rows/inch (my stitch gauge is larger than the patterns)
notions: zipper ordered from zipperstop (wonderful customer service, the zipper took 3 days to get here!)

  1. used cool fire for applied i-cord around the neck.
  2. didn’t knit i-cord ties
  3. installed a zipper (by hand, my sewing machine likes to eat things.)
  4. added a pom-pom

Tulip sweater

I couldn’t say no to the pom pom! Gotta run, Mike’s home and he brought *lots* of laundry with him.


22 responses

  1. Too cute! I’ve seen the kits at Ewe’ll love it but I like to do my own colors so passed. I hear you can order just the pattern so maybe I”ll eventually do that.

  2. When I get ready to start work on one for my grandbaby-to-be (May 08!) will you help me along? I love your modifications and thank you so much for the hat!

    You’re right…without Kailey inside it’s cute…but nowhere near as adorable as it is on her. Nice work.

    I like pompoms too.

  3. Are you coming up this weekend?? I have monday off work and school! And tyler’s working most of the day on monday. So maybe we could have a road trip and go up to the outlets and visit. But yea, i guess that i will talk to you later. TOODLES!!!

  4. That sweater is too cute and since you have a model to show it off, I want to knit one for my niece now! This being the Auntie thing is quite addictive, but I love it.

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