auuugghhh!!! There now I feel better. Or was that the new yarn?

Is it really 2 weeks into October already? Is Rhinebeck really only 1 week away? Or am I hallucinating in my sleep deprivedness? (I’m voting for b. its been a loooong week.) I’ve been a bad knit-longer. I was going to post about my plans for socktober, how much I enjoy knitting socks. (The most portable of knitting projects.) I was going to write my Dad a nice Happy Birthday post, post about finished knits that have been gifted. But this week just flew right by.
Corra and kailey

Kailey has been working on 3 more teeth. Her top front tooth is working its way through and has almost made it, the other front tooth is starting to rear its head, and her other bicuspid (not sure if this is the right name, the other pointy Dracula tooth) is starting too. And to add to that her acid reflux is worse. She was under the care of a Apnea Reflux clinic at our hospital. Our pediatrican is the Dr for this clinic too. But I had to call the clinic if Kailey was having a problem with her reflux. Urgh. I got pissed. Mix that with no sleep You get politely rude mouthy nasty Mommy. She will be seeing Dr. Peter’s a pediatric gastrotologist (spelling?) in Danville, PA next month. I had it with the care she was getting at the clinic. I wasn’t receiving phone calls back for days, one time it took weeks. I don’t feel its the NICU’s responsibility to watch over the clinic. Don’t even get me started on the nurse who wanted to increase Kailey’s meds with out talking to the Dr first. She tried to reassure me that they’ve been working with relux baby’s for years. I’ve been speeding for years, does that make it right? Anyway Kailey is doing well otherwise, little piggy is around 20 pounds according to our bathroom scale!
Allysa has been in pre-school for a month now, and loving every minute of it. This week her homework was to paint a pizza box that she will be using for her portfolio.
Allysa painting

For some reason I thought life might get a little easier with Allysa in pre-school. HA! what was I thinking? Anyway, I love to watch Allysa paint, some of the faces she makes are just darn right hysterical. Next week we’re going on a field trip to the pumpkin farm. I’m stoaked! Bryce and his sunset rock

Last week during the School’s Open house we signed Bryce up for Boy Scouts. He will be a tiger scout, and Bryce has been waiting 2 years for this! But I can honestly tell you I’m not really looking forward to this. tiger scouts have to have a parent with them to attend the meetings or any other outing. They ask for a lot of parent involvement. With the other kids and Mike working away from home, this it going to be a big juggling act. Don’t get me wrong I want to do this for B, he deserves special time with just me its just going to take some juggling and a bit of whining to find sitters for the girls. The little guy is now in 1st grade, it blows me away listening to him read to me. My little man is growing up.

I haven’t heard anything back from GS, I know they have checked my references. I think it was this last week that the Church (I want to use their basement for our meeting place) had their meeting. I’ll have to give our Council leader a ring. Mr. Mailman brought me my new yarn New yarn!

just the pick me up a girl needs. Both from Avery Allison Yarns on the left is Rose and the right is Rose garden. I’m thinking of using the Rose for contrasting cuffs, heels and toes. The body of the sock will be knit in rose garden. This yarn is so soft and sproingy. The label says to knit with a 2-4, I’m thinking a 1 would be better.

Oh, I forgot to add this pretty much sums up how I felt this week

There, with all that whining done I do feel better. Thanks!