Plans, I like to have plans.

Socktober is here! (I know, I’m like 2 weeks late to this party. Better late than never right?) At the end of last Socktober I ordered this yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Co. this lovely hank of Fleece Artist basic merino sock in the Autumn colorway. Its been sitting in my stash waiting.

Fleece artist merino Autumn

I wanted planning to knit a pair of lacy leaf socks. Well… I tried lacy leaf socks, it didn’t work. See
for posterity

I frogged that baby and started this
Ironwood socks

based off of Craftoholics Mata Hari socks. Because I’m smart as a whip these days, my eyelets swirl backwards instead of forwards. (like that made any sense!) The heel cup on this sock makes me very happy
Happy Heel cup

Its so perdy! I love happy heel cups. The heel cups on my Rainbow socks make me very happy too.
Rainbow socks heel cup

This socktober I also want to knit a pair of Christmas socks with this yarn. I’m thinking the Undulating rib socks from Favorite socks. I love to have socks to wear for different Holidays, I’m nerdy like that! Maybe start Dad’s Christmas socks too. I can’t remember is Socktober 2 months or one?

Rhinebeck’s in one week 6 days, Mom and I will be going again this year. Let me know if your going to be there! Mom emailed me this podcast. Mom says she remembers seeing people with cameras. I don’t! All I saw was wool, all that wooly, happy, lovely yarn.  Mom is wearing a yellow jacket and I’m wearing a white sweater and blue vest. I can’t wait!  6 more days!!

*Kailey slept so well last night! For 6 hours straight! I’m so happy!! I’m overusing exclamation points!!!


7 responses

  1. I LOVE love love those socks. The colors are fantastic, and I really like the pattern you picked. I like how the colors pool much more than on the first attempt 🙂

    I’m glad Kailey is feeling better. I can’t believe how big she is getting – all those teeth!

  2. I love those Autumn socks perfect for Socktober which is just this month I believe.

    How great that Kailey slept well!

    Hope to see you in Rhinebeck. I’ll be there with the same girls I was with last year. I can’t wait!

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