The weekend of Rhinebeck…

..was one wonderful weekend. The kids and I arrived at my parents house in time for dinner Friday night. And Satruday morning, after my wonderful baby-sitter came over Mom and I headed off. After getting lost trying to follow RR’s shortcut, Mom was navigating that’ll never happen again! (Sorry Mom! Love you!) We arrived at Rhinebeck a little late, but boy was it a nice day
Rhinebeck sky

Mom and I did a little shopping, we stopped at the Fold’s booth. After saying “I just want to look at the coloways” I held these in my hot little hands

Sock that Rock lightweight in Chickabiddy and mediumweight in Azure Malachite. (I’ve been oogling this coloway for 2 years now on the Fold’s site.) We walked around for a little bit and then I bought more (I say more because I bought 2 hanks last year for a pair of socks for Dad) of this lovely merino from Greenwood Hill Farm to make twist from Chicknits. (but with the long collar not the hood.)
7 Greenwood Hill merino

After it hangs out for a bit in a plastic bag with some lavender. It smells like cedar! Anyone have any hints to help remove that smell? Its still the loveliest, smoosiest, softest merino ever! Mom and I then met up with Adelle, P-la, Petra, Valerie, and I can’t remember her name! (I’m so sorry!)
Rhinebeck Blogger meet-up

(P-la, Valerie, Petra, me, and Adelle) Valerie gave me my prize for winning her contest on yarn4socks’s blog. The blogger meetup was crazy! Photo’s are on my flickr set, I have to get going and help Mike with dinner. Later Dad came over and I tried to find yarn for a sweater for Allysa
Twisted Pucks mischief

Twisted by Blue Moon, in Puck’s Mischief. I can’t believe they had anything left at 4! Here is the obligatory photo of the haul
The Rhinebeck haul

I still can’t believe that I didn’t buy more! It was a lovely trip, and I can’t wait to go again next year.