I’m just going to the store to buy milk hunny.

Really, hunny I’m just going to the grocery store to buy more milk.
I just went to the store to buy milk hunny...

(Superwash merino sock yarn from Autumn House Farm purchased from Ewe-nique sheep. I saw this in my sister’s Rhinebeck haul and wish I had gotten some too!)

and maybe some more yarn! About a month ago my friend Amanda Jayne told me there was a new yarn shop opening in Fezell’s Shop and Save in Dubois, Pennsylvania. Honestly, I tried not to get my hopes up. Really, a yarn shop in a grocery store? Could they really have nice yarn that would make a yarn snob happy? When Amanda Jayne and I walked up to Ewe-nique, (ok we giggled first. Ewe-nique hehee! Love that name.)

We where greeted and encouraged to come in an have a cookie. (yay cookies!) After taking a step into the stop my biased expectations melted away.

Counter when you first walk in
view of left wall to the left of the door

from the left of the door, Berroco yarns, Ironstone and some Autumn House farms.
Left wall to the right of the door

from the right of the door. More Berroco, Autumn house, baby weight yarns, and some eyelash yarns.
Right wall, view from the door

view from the door. Sock yarn, Autumn House yarns on the self.

The nice big table! Behind the table on the self there are some more Ironstone yarns,
back wall

The back wall has lots of brown sheep, more Ironstone yarn, and some fiesta yarns.

Overall this is a nice shop, with room to grow.  The owner said she is taking suggestions for yarn lines. When she asked us what yarns we would like to see, Amanda Jayne and I couldn’t think of anything! I have a nice list now. 😀

Almost forgot the shops hours~

Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Open Wednesday 11-5, Thursday 11-6, Friday 11-5 and Saturday 10-4.

oh, and Mike. We’re almost out of milk again… I have to go to the store.