Gah! Stupid mitten! I hate you!
Gah! Stupid mittens!

(2nd mitten on the left 1st mitten on right)

I started these damned things Sunday the 18th and they have been an exercise in patience ever since (something I really don’t have much of). I re-knit the top of the 1st mittens twice because the decreases looked like ass. Then on the 2nd mitten once I was at the top decreases I realized the cuff was too long, and ripped back to it. Had issues with the 2nd stripe too. The decreases look wonderful on the 2nd mitten. But the freaking flacking thumb gusset doesn’t match the 1st mitten! GAH! GAHHHH!!! I must have knit a row or two extra before putting the thumb sts on hold. GAH! I’m so sorry Tracey, but I won’t have anything to send you for Warm up Winter. I still can’t believe these damned mittens have taken me 10 days! GAHHH!


Maple Sugar Swirl

I’ve been enjoying these socks for a while now, I’m still trying to catch up with my FO’s. Life keeps getting in the way. The last few nights I’ve just wanted to veg out in front of the boob tube and knit. And I have. And it was great. Now take a look, my maple sugar swirl socks. Remember how they started out? When I bought this yarn I thought it would look beautiful in a lacy pattern, but really this yarn with all the colors it works best in a stockinette based pattern. Wouldn’t you say?
Maple Sugar Swirl Socks
yarn: Fleece artist basic sock in autumn
purchased from simply socks yarn co.
needles: 2.25mm (US 1)
Maple Sugar Swirl Socks
time: October 10-29 2007
pattern: I CO 64 sts. to fit my 8″ foot circumference. The pattern is based on Craftoholic’s Mata Hari socks. But I think I did it backwards. Your supposed to move the yo to the left, I moved them to the right ,erp! Sometimes my brain finds math challenging. and directions, and spelling and grammar too… Maple Sugar Swirl Socks
I love this yarn. I started out using Inox dpns and had to switch to Knitpicks dpns for their sharp point. The yarn seemed to stick to the Inox, and it was hard to knit. But once I changed needles it was smooth sailing. The colors are beautiful, reminds me of fall back home in the Berkshires. Mike said it looks like someone took all of Fall’s colors and blended them into the yarn. (Isn’t that sweet? But wait, after he said that he then said. “yeah, it also looks like someone threw-up Fall.” Oyi!)
Maple Sugar Swirl Socks in shoes

Even though I kind of snoozed right through Socktober, I still enjoyed knitting these socks!

Leftovers? Yes, please!

Some of you know that I’m now a Girl Scout leader for my daughter Corra’s brownie troop. I need yarn for our next try-it. We’ll be making bracelets using TP rolls and wrapping yarn around them. You would think that I would have a ton of leftover yarn. But I don’t have enough. So…

I’m putting out the call for leftover yarn of any weight any fiber, if you have any that you can send please email me at mistress_stash_enhancer (at) yahoo (dot) com (replace the words with the symbols you know the drill) or leave a comment. I’ll email you my address. Many, many thanks!

Since this can’t be a picture-less post, this is what I woke up to this morning,


Last Thursday I casted on Elinor’s double breasted seed stitch jacket for Kailey. I’m using Cascade 200 in color 7814
Little Sprout Jacket

Since I’ve been knitting like a mad momma, trying to get this jacket done since she needs something to keep her warm and toasty. I’ve managed to give myself a knitting induced trauma.

(you might have to click on that picture to see the note on it) but where I hold the yarn on my left pointer finger has a indent from the wool! Owie!

Right now I’m cruising along the back of the sweater, almost done and ready to board the boat to sleeve island.

The Rock

This is another FO that I promised finished pictures of, this one was finished back in *cough*July*cough* anyway, *ahem*

Diamonds are a girls best friend,
Diamond Fantasy shawl

This shawl was in my queue for a little over a year before it had its transformation on the needles.

pattern: Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Silvia Harding
yarn: Brooklyn Handspun signature sock in Chocolate Covered Cherries
needles: US 5 (3.75mm) and US 8 (5mm) Knitpicks options (used the 8 for the i-cord edging)
time: June 27-July 20 2007

This was a very enjoyable lace project, even with a little baby in the house! I did end up with a pattern with a miss print (one of the rows was printed twice), Silvia was very quick to answer my question about it! I see a few mistakes in the shawl now that I look at the close up picture, but they are livable. (I think they have to be, its blocked and has been worn. I’m not rippin’ that sucker out!) Now diamonds aren’t this girls only best friend. There is another rock that holds a place in my heart,
Bullhead Rock

My parents live on a lake, and this large sandstone rock is part of the property. When I was little I would love to climb up to the top and look around the lake, see what the otters had left up there, and to trace my finger on the names that people had carved into it. Once in a crevice a found a birds nest. My Dad has a beautiful photograph of him and his brothers and sisters by the rock when they where children. I miss being able to climb up there and watch the lake.
Diamond Fantasy shawl

(my Dad, Tom, took this last picture)

A sweater for Aaron (but modeled by Kailey)

I’ve been really, really bad lately about showing my FO’s. I wanted to wait until I gifted this sweater, and it was gifted about a month ago, oyi. Anyway, I present:

A sweater for Aaron, but modeled by Kailey
A sweater for Aaron (but modeled by Kailey)

Knit for (follow me here) Mike’s cousin’s baby Aaron.
A sweater for Aaron (but modeled by Kailey)


pattern: Knitting pure & simple easy baby cardigan
yarn: 2 balls wool-ease cranberry
needles US 8 (5.00mm)
gauge: 4.5sts/inch 6rows/inch
time: September 13-20 2007
notes: I used toggles (which I stained with paint) instead of ties, Thank you all for helping me with that decision. I used a provisional cast-on and grafted the hood shut.
A sweater for Aaron (but modeledby Kailey)
Sweater was well received, we gifted it with this book. His mom has commissioned a black sweater! Although I am trying to talk her out of a black. Black attracts all kinds of lint! Have any of you out there done any commission work?

Hopefully this week I’ll catch up (I hear ya’ll laughing!) Maybe with Day Light savings time ending I just might. (Your going to hurt yourself if you don’t stop laughing so hard! Seriously!)

All Hallow’s Eve

‘Twas eve of all Hallow’s (we’re pretending I’m not a day behind, shhh!) and all the pumpkins where craved
jack o' lanterns

Click on all pictures in this post to embiggen them and to read a description

The children all dressed in their frightening best, ready for trick-or-treating

kids in costume

(you gotta click on these!)
All Hallow's Eve

Allysa insisted I wear a costume, I had to come up with something easy. With no sewing.Its been a while since I’ve had a contest, 1st person to guess my costume right wins a fibery prize. Contest won by Keanalee! Email me your address, and I’ll mail something nice out to you 🙂 (I totally hate that picture of myself, but its the only picture that shows my hat.) Good luck, I’m off to bed. Corra shared her cold…