The Rock

This is another FO that I promised finished pictures of, this one was finished back in *cough*July*cough* anyway, *ahem*

Diamonds are a girls best friend,
Diamond Fantasy shawl

This shawl was in my queue for a little over a year before it had its transformation on the needles.

pattern: Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Silvia Harding
yarn: Brooklyn Handspun signature sock in Chocolate Covered Cherries
needles: US 5 (3.75mm) and US 8 (5mm) Knitpicks options (used the 8 for the i-cord edging)
time: June 27-July 20 2007

This was a very enjoyable lace project, even with a little baby in the house! I did end up with a pattern with a miss print (one of the rows was printed twice), Silvia was very quick to answer my question about it! I see a few mistakes in the shawl now that I look at the close up picture, but they are livable. (I think they have to be, its blocked and has been worn. I’m not rippin’ that sucker out!) Now diamonds aren’t this girls only best friend. There is another rock that holds a place in my heart,
Bullhead Rock

My parents live on a lake, and this large sandstone rock is part of the property. When I was little I would love to climb up to the top and look around the lake, see what the otters had left up there, and to trace my finger on the names that people had carved into it. Once in a crevice a found a birds nest. My Dad has a beautiful photograph of him and his brothers and sisters by the rock when they where children. I miss being able to climb up there and watch the lake.
Diamond Fantasy shawl

(my Dad, Tom, took this last picture)


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  1. The shawl is GORGEOUS, the lake/the rocks just make me long to be there with ya but what really made me smile was the picture in your side bar of your beautiful baby’s face in the hood of that adorable red sweater! OH MY GOSH just TOO CUTE!!!

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