Maple Sugar Swirl

I’ve been enjoying these socks for a while now, I’m still trying to catch up with my FO’s. Life keeps getting in the way. The last few nights I’ve just wanted to veg out in front of the boob tube and knit. And I have. And it was great. Now take a look, my maple sugar swirl socks. Remember how they started out? When I bought this yarn I thought it would look beautiful in a lacy pattern, but really this yarn with all the colors it works best in a stockinette based pattern. Wouldn’t you say?
Maple Sugar Swirl Socks
yarn: Fleece artist basic sock in autumn
purchased from simply socks yarn co.
needles: 2.25mm (US 1)
Maple Sugar Swirl Socks
time: October 10-29 2007
pattern: I CO 64 sts. to fit my 8″ foot circumference. The pattern is based on Craftoholic’s Mata Hari socks. But I think I did it backwards. Your supposed to move the yo to the left, I moved them to the right ,erp! Sometimes my brain finds math challenging. and directions, and spelling and grammar too… Maple Sugar Swirl Socks
I love this yarn. I started out using Inox dpns and had to switch to Knitpicks dpns for their sharp point. The yarn seemed to stick to the Inox, and it was hard to knit. But once I changed needles it was smooth sailing. The colors are beautiful, reminds me of fall back home in the Berkshires. Mike said it looks like someone took all of Fall’s colors and blended them into the yarn. (Isn’t that sweet? But wait, after he said that he then said. “yeah, it also looks like someone threw-up Fall.” Oyi!)
Maple Sugar Swirl Socks in shoes

Even though I kind of snoozed right through Socktober, I still enjoyed knitting these socks!


9 responses

  1. Oh, they look fab as the Cathoholic whoops, where did I get that? Craftoholic’s Mata Hari socks.

    I really don’t like variegated yarn in anything but stockinette . It’s too busy for me. Those socks are perfect.

  2. I love the socks and what a nice name for them. I have been reading a sock book this weekend and am learning how to measure my feet to see if I can knit from this book. I have been using the same pattern for nearly a year and think my confidence level is up enough to strike out on my own. We shall see!

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