Happy Birthday Bryce!

Today is my little Bryce’s birthday. Somehow in this time warp continuum my little Bryce turns 7. (SEVEN! People, SEVEN!)
Bryce 7th birthday
Last night before bed I asked him what his favorite birthday tradition was. Was it the cupcakes for breakfast?
Bryce 7th birhday
Was it opening his presents before school?
Bryce 7th birhday
or was it the streamers that decorate the living room?
Bryce 7th birthday
He totally surprised me when he said the streamers where his favorite. Several years ago I started these birthday traditions so Bryce’s birthday wouldn’t get blended in with Christmas. And cupcakes for breakfast is just fun!
Happy Birthday to my little man. I love you Bryce, and you’ll always be my boogly bear. I know that you had so much fun being 6, just think how much fun 7 is going to be! (I’m getting all teary now, better go before I start to cry!)


10 responses

  1. Your the coolest mom ever – dispite the mortifying boogly bear comment đŸ˜‰ – cupcakes for breakfast… that’s just awesome.


  2. Happy Birthday to your fine 7 year old guy.

    Just don’t blink…he will be 14 before you know it and taller than you can imagine. Ask me how I know this.

    Though it’s all good and 14 is ok too, just different and did I say taller than moi!

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