How I survived the snow day

Thursday morning (yeah I’m behind, what of it?) we awoke to this sleet/rain/ice crappity crap. I flicked on the tv to see if school was canceled and thank goodness it was. (I have been dreaming of a snow day, lots and lots of snow day. Not sleet/rain/ice crappity crap day.) So the kids and I stayed in our Pajammies all day, since we couldn’t go out and play (way too icy) we baked some Snickerdoodle cookies

This cookie recipe has a lot of memories attached to it. Do you have any like that? I can remember making these cookies with my Grammie Beth when I was little. Rolling the cookies around in the cinnamon and sugar, and she had a special glass with a star on the bottom that I would use to flatten the cookies. A few years ago I was looking though my Mom’s recipe box and found this recipe, I can’t tell you how delighted I was. I asked Mom if I could share it with all of you and she gave me the go ahead.

Grammie Beth’s Snickerdoodles serves 2.5 dozen
1/2C shortening
1 egg
1 tsp cream of tartar
3/4C sugar
1 1/3C sifted flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp salt
Mix shortening, sugar and egg thoroughly. Sift together remaining ingredients. Then mix it all together. Form dough into balls the size of walnuts and roll in a mixture of 1 TBSP sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon. You can flatten the cookies with a glass or they will flatten a bit in the oven. Bake 10 min. in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven. Enjoy : )


I also knit another cozy, big surprise huh? While out Christmas shopping last week I saw a mug at Hallmark with a “hand-knit” cozy on it. (I really need to figure out the camera on my phone so I can take decent pictures) I tried to replicated it,
mug hug

Not quite what I wanted but I’m on my way. I CO 40 sts worked K2, P2 for 4 rows, BO 3 sts Then knit back and forth for 23 rows.  CO 3 sts then K2, P2 for 4 rows, BO in pattern.  Next time I’m going to CO 44 sts, work 2 rows of K2, P2 (Cozy is too high, you have to move it down to sip) and work a garter stitch border on the sides of the hole for the handle so it doesn’t curl. I think the reason it pulls in so much is because it fits the mug rather snuggly.

So, that’s how I survived the “snow” day.  I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am right now that its snowing outside and the weatherman keeps changing his mind on how much we are supposed to get.  I can’t wait to go out and play in the snow! Yay snow!!!


5 responses

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your snow day, did you get as much as we did? We had about 15 inches in 12 hours. It stopped now thank goodness… Interesting receipe, I’ve never heard of those cookies. I wonder if they can be made with butter instead of shortening?…ciao

  2. Snickerdoodles are my husbands favorite so every year the kids and I make a batch or two for Christmas.

    Hope you got your wish for alot of snow. If not I’ll gladly give you some of mine.

  3. How lucky you are to have snow. Since we live so close to the ocean, we don’t typically get that much snow. I would love to have a crackling fire, some good hot tea, and a great knitting project to work on all day long. I miss being a little kid staying in my PJs all day on a snow day. I have cookie memories too. My mom’s Christmas tree cookies with those little silver balls on every branch. Still make them to this day. Great memories!

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