Happy after Christmas and after New Year

yeah I’m way behind the ball on this one, I’m so behind because the ball bounced off my head after I fell off. Lets start way back at the week before Christmas. The kids and I made a whole slew of cookies
Christmas cookies

then for Christmas eve’s we went over to Mike’s mom’s house, and once we got home the kids left out the reindeer food
Reindeer food
and putting Santa’s special key in the door (we don’t have a chimney)
Santa Key
We hung up our stockings by the china cabinet, Stockings where hung...
We had a lovely Christmas over here
Christmas morning
The kids love to tear into the gifts, it took Kailey awhile to understand what we wanted her to do with the boxes with paper we kept handing her. But once she got the jest of it she was on her way to ripping all the paper off of all the presents!
Christmas morning
Diane gifted me with this lovely green sock yarn from the Natural Dye studio, girl how do you know exactly what I want?! I’ve been coveting some green sock yarn and have been drooling over their yarns! And many thanks for the chocolate too, yumm! I did share this time! Many thanks! Santa gave me Cat Bordhi’s new book and 2 hanks of mirasol hacho yarn, I must have been a very good girl this year! Mike gave me the beautiful red reindeer mug, the little tea pot, and 2 Republic of tea’s. Got a new coffee maker this year and 2 yummy coffees.
My favorite part was surprising Mike with one of his gifts, this man has the ability to guess what the present is. And I had to level the playing field. (I don’t like to guess, ruins the fun for me) Mike's present
You might have to embiggen that one too see his facial expressions! I bought a $1 book from the thrift shop and cut out a square big enough for a DVD to fit into in chapters 1-6. I was lucky enough to find an old textbook titled: The Essentials of Consumerism hehehe. I wrote on the first page:”Merry Christmas Hunny! Turn to chaper 1.” I wrote on the title page for Chapter 1: “I bet you thought all you got for Christmas was this stupid book, huh? Love you!” The look on his face was worth the 2 hours it took me to cut all those pages! I’m still giggling about it. New Years was fun, we stayed at home and watched some movies and Dick Clark’s rocking New Years eve. I had the kids make noise makers out of the left over pringles cans from a GS craft. We used paper to cover the can, about 1/4C rice, plastic wrap and 2 rubber bands. We also made some noise makers out of foam plates, leftover birthday streamers, some pony beads and a crap load of staples. After we finished that project Bryce asked me “Mommy do you have another project for us to do?” So I googled paper hats and we made a few of them.
New Years
Bryce didn’t make it to see the ball drop, he laid down on the couch at 11:50 and was out like a light. After the ball dropped Allysa came over to me and said “Mommy why are your eyes all wet?” I don’t know what it is about watching the ball drop on tv, watching certain Christmas movies but they turn me into this big mush ball. Maybe its all the wonderful memories from when I was little…. anyway I’m almost caught up to that elusive ball I keep falling off of, Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! And Have a wonderful, happy healthy New year!


11 responses

  1. You had a beautiful holiday – I love the story about doing the projects with your kids. Don’t worry – no of us are really “on the ball,” we’re just better at making it appear that way!

  2. I loved his expressions, too funny. You can see him doing the polite reading expression when he opens the book and behind the eyes you can hear the gears just grinding. LOL

    Your super mom, you know that don’t you.

  3. I could eat one of your cookies right now – okay – more than one 🙂

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

    Happy new year to you and your lovely family 🙂

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