Thursday’s aren’t that bad either…

Thursday’s aren’t that bad either… because I finished my traveling mini van socks! I started these socks back in September after I finished the last pair of mini-van socks.
White rainbow socks
I used knitpicks 6″ nickel plated US1 (2.25mm) dpns, my weapons of choice. Casted on 64sts, knit 15 rows of K2, P2. Then I knit for 5ish inches before knitting a slip stitch heel. I looove this heel, it has to be of my favorite. Ok, I’ve tried what 4 heels? Slip stitch, garter, garter with a purl stitch in it and 2 different short row heels (1 short row heel pattern that I also looove!) So I guess I have 2 favorites, the slip stitch and a certain short row heel. The heels on these socks make me ridiculously happy
White rainbow socks
I just love how they striped out! Don’t they make you happy too? Maybe the yarn has something to do with it. Its Susie’s perchance to knit merino sock yarn in the white rainbow colorway. I saw this on her blog one day for sale and jumped all over it.
White rainbow socks
I would have finished these on Wednesday but I had premature toe formulation. I started the toe like 2-4 rows too soon on the first sock and had to rip it out. I’m very happy that I did. I love these socks! They are incredible comfy, after I had worn them all day… and slept in them… the yarn fuzzed a bit, but nothing more than normal.
White rainbow socks
*sigh* so happy!
My Apres sock pal received her socks, also on Thursday. I knit these socks for Tiff of pink knitting adventures. Click on the pick for more info
Chickabiddy ala Monkey socks

I’m sorry, I’m just ready for bed! I’ve been super tired lately, and not really sure why. Night all! I’m going to go catch up on my zzz


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  1. Socks! Socks!! I just love socks! Someday I might finish a pair. Of course that would mean I would have to pick some up and knit on them but that’s beside the point!

  2. That is a very “happy” yarn and I love how they turned out. I too use the slip stitch heel but I use 2.00mm needles for 64 stitches otherwise they end up falling down on me…ciao

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