already 1!

Its amazing how quickly a year goes past. We all say it, we all know it. But its still hard to believe how quickly time flies. A year ago at 3:55am today Kailey was born, and today she turns one.
Kailey 1 year old
Thank goodness she is over the stomach bug she had earlier this week, not what one wants for their 1st birthday!! Her older brother and sisters have been anticipating her birthday, Bryce wanted to give her one of his stuffed animals, Corra made her a picture. I came up with an idea of making one of those no sew fleece blankets for her, something that all of us could work on together.
Kailey's blanket
I think that they enjoyed making the blanket almost as much as they enjoyed giving it to her!
Kailey opening her present
Kailey loves her blanket, it was so cute watching her play with it.
Kailey 1 year old.

It truly is amazing how quickly the first year goes by. All the milestones that are reached. Soon Kailey will be walking, she has been pulling herself up on almost anything she can hold on to. Her legs can hold her weight for a few seconds before melting down. She’s already eating real solids, and drinking (mostly) from a cup. The next years are going to be a blast. I love you Kailey, we all love you, Happy 1st Birthday baby.


17 responses

  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Kailey!

    I can’t believe it has already been a year.

    What a great idea to find something all the kids could make for her and it is something she loves. So cute!

  2. Beautiful baby Kailey, happy birthday! I hope this year brings as many happy, healthy moments as the last!

    PS the blanket is SUCH a cool idea. And, wasn’t that bug the worst? Thaya got it and gave it to me – YUCK

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