Frick… and yay!

Has this happened to anyone else’s knit picks options cables? Or am I just special
I don’t think its supposed to do that! While I was knitting I felt something, I really don’t know how to describe it. It was like something let go, kinda like when you drop a stitch. Something feels off. Well…… the connector broke where the cable goes in. Frick.
Last Monday.. well, I think it was last Monday. I was lucky enough to be home and free during Hello Yarn’s Shop update. I was able to score this
2 Hello Yarn Hand-dyed Fat sock colorway- soft serve
Hand-dyed fat sock in the colorway soft serve. I’ve been drooling over Adrian’s yarn for a long while now. I’m so happy! She sent me the cute little sheep button which is now on one of my WIP bags.

Must.Resist.Casting.On.Now.Good thing the kids are home from school and its homework time, and my parents are on their way here and I should clean… maybe….


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  1. It’s happened to a lot of people, but everyone said that when they called Knit PIcks, they were sent a replacement cable right away. Yay for good customer service!

    (I’m going to stare at my cables suspiciously now)

  2. Oh, that’s horrible about your needle. I’m sure they’ll send you another cable if you call them up. You’re a lucky girl to have scored some Hello Yarn, that’s some mighty pretty yarn!

  3. Yes you are special… but not because your needle broke 😦 Contact knit picks – I had problems with the initially with the needles not screwing on to the cable and they replaced them no questions, no problems.

    Love the yarn, it looks yummy enough to eat!

  4. I’ve been using my KP Options exclusively since they came out, and it happened to me for the first time last week. I just super-glued it back together and was good to go.

    And, yes, you are special, too.

  5. I’ve not had any problems with the cords but I have had few issues with their harmony wood needles. The needles have been sliding out of the metal part that connects it to the cord.

    What a lucky girl to score such cool yarn!

  6. I hate asking this but you came up in a search I did while trying to locate deep periwinkle by caron wintuk. I need under a skein to finish my granddaughters sweter and bootie set and have been unsuccessful trying to locate one. Please if you have any email at and I will buy it from you. Thank You LoriLee

  7. Gorgeous yarn. I don’t have the knitpicks, but I’ve had the sinking feeling using my Denise needles. I have heard the KnitPicks hold up better, though, and their customer service is supposed to be great. I hope you were able to get all of those stitches picked up and back where they belong!

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