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I know its been a while since I written a real post, one about what the minions and I have been up to. I will try to entertain you with what pictures I have. 2 weekends ago my Mom and Dad came down for a visit. That Friday, (I think it was Friday but it could have very well have been Thursday) Mike broke the pipe in the basement that goes to the clothes washer. I had asked him to put insulation on that pipe because it always freezes when it gets arctic cold outside. So to make a long painful story short, instead of just replacing the broken pipe Mike and his brother decide its best to re-plum the entire house with plex pipe during one of the coldest weekends in January. (And now the ice cold water that comes from the fridge tastes like plastic. Yum.) Yep. Brillant. Oh, and Bryce had the stomach bug. I’ll spare you the details. Then Bryce got better and Corra had the stomach bug. Fun times. (The pipes are now color coded, blue for cold and red for hot. This makes me remarkably happy. I don’t know why.) Anyway, thank goodness Bryce felt better Saturday just in time for his BS pine wood derby.
pine wood derby
Bryce won 2nd a bunch of times, and came in 1st once. He didn’t win a trophy, but nothing fell off his car, the car stayed on the track, and it didn’t burst into flames. All a plus considering this was his first year. A lot of people came together to help Bryce create his car, my ex-fil helped Bryce cut it out and paint it. My Dad helped by gluing the weights onto the bottom.
While we where at the derby, for 6 freaking hours, I had Allysa for part of it. Corra and Kailey where at home with Mema. As I left the house that morning I thought “I should bring the entertainment backpack” (it has toys, coloring books, new markers, paper bags, stickers that they hardly ever see) but I thought, nooo we won’t be there very long. After 3 hours I tried entertaining Allysa with my camera. It sort of worked. This is one of the pictures she took (of herself)
One of the last...
before she dropped it while the lens was extended. Which made the camera extremely mad. Now I’m without a camera until Mike comes home to fix it. *sigh* I thought I had fixed it, even freaked out Allysa with my Happy I fixed it dance. Took a few pictures to reset the lens before the battery died. Last week my brownie troop made friendship bracelets out of yarn scraps and TP tubes. Thanks Mom and Jenn for the awesome yarn scraps you sent me, the girls went ga-ga over the crystal fx. I wish I bought my camera to the meeting! This is a picture of the bracelet Corra made for Allysa the next day. She wound some yarn around a headband too.
friendship bracelets
But once the battery died and I replaced it when it was charged the lens must have moved because it jammed again. I’m not terrribly upset about this, but am finding so many things I want to photograph now that I can’t! (I’m also hoping one of these or this comes home with Michael when he comes home on break). I’m going to have to come up with creative ways to entertain ya’ll!
Sunday, thank goodness everyone felt better by then, we had Kailey’s 1st birthday. crap. I never wrote her a birthday post. Crap. Oh, wait, yes I did.
Now that your done laughing, here is a movie to entertain you:
Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

linky if you want to see the whole thing (I have no idea how to make it smaller so the sidebar doesn’t cut it off)

Just got home from taking the 2 younger girls to the Dr.  (A & K) they are both wheezing and coughing. Both are now going to be taking albuterol. I’m praying it doesn’t make them hyper!


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  1. I love the pictures Allysa took of herself with the camera! Too Cute! I was checking them out this morning on Flickr… well worth the almost broken camera 🙂

  2. My goodness, your cup runneth over! How do you keep up with your kids and Cub Scouts and Brownies, and the doctors? I am exhausted reading what you have to do. I am so thankful that my boys are grown and gone, but do have fond memories of Cub Scouts and scoccer, T-ball, baseball, and the German club. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I look forward to the time we get to do all those things over again as grandparents. Oh, did I say that out loud??? lol! Please do not tell my oldest son and DIL. My name will be MUD for praying for them to live closer to us and having babies.

  3. Sooo, when are you guys planning on coming up again?!…Because, My graduation is June 7th, and the party for it is two weeks after. I would love for you guys to come. It would def. be a blast!! ^_^! You can always email me or txt me from your AOL to my cell #. Lol. Anyways…LOVE YOU ALL!! HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!

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