Happy 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know its been 2008 for 2 months now. But remember, I kinda fell off the ball and it ran over me. So I’m going to pretend like I was waiting for the Chinese New Year. Ok? Ok good.
2007 was a busy year, it was a good year. I’m a little sad to see it go, but am energized and excited about what 2008 will hold for us. I was a bit productive in the knitting front last year, which you can see all of my FO’s here (Ok, except for the 2 I haven’t blogged about yet)

13-baby items
13- pairs of socks
1- me sized sweater
4- hats
2- scarves
6- dishcloths (that I bothered to write in my knitting journal)
2- shawls
15- whimsies=

56 FO’s! seeeeee, the yarn stash is justified. Before Kailey was born, I learned a new technique: toe up socks
toes up!

I love these socks, they are still as vibrant as the day I casted off. I’m sure if I really think about it there was some other new to me knitting technique that I mastered last year. Considering I’ve only been knitting for 4 years.

Here are some FO’s that I feel amazingly brilliant about still:
6 socks from 3 hanks of STR. It makes me very happy.
Tulip sweater
the colors work beautifully with each other, and its oh, so soft!
Something red
I can’t wait for Spring so I can wear this again!
Little Sprout Jacket
Kailey gets a bunches of complements when she wears this sweater out.

My goal for 2008: I will learn how to knit fair isle. There are so many beautiful fair isle patterns out there, I wanted to learn last year but with a newborn it just wasn’t going to happen. So this year. I.will.learn!

Before I go, my best FO of 2007:



Happy Chinese New Year!


8 responses

  1. I love ALL your pictures……especially the one of all the finished pink socks…..well…maybe the one of Kailey wearing that adorable sweater. Actually, I like the one of you in your sweater. Aw heck, they are ALL nice. You accomplished much in 2007!

  2. Fair Isle is something I’d like to try in the next year, too. I’m really kind of intimidated by colorwork in general. But then again, when I first started knitting I was terrified of working in the round.

    All your FOs look fantastic, especially the sweater. I think somehow I missed that before; it’s great! And they baby is pretty cool, too, hahah!

  3. Wow, not only was 2007 productive, but it was beautifully productive.

    I know the baby is supposed to be my favorite, but since I don’t have kids, I’d say my favorite is the pink STR’s. So cute.

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