Icky, sicky and I’ll spare you the goo…

Thank goodness Mike was home when this happened. We went out to eat Friday night, 45 minutes later I got sick. Food poisoning. Icky, sicky food poisoning. Then Saturday when I felt worse Mike took me to the ER. We spent 6 hours there. Fun times..
icky, sicky and I'll spare you the goo
Now, I’m on antibiotics for the rest of the week.. and feeling better! But unfortunitly since I spent most of the weekend sleeping there wasn’t much knitting. Soon though there will be knitting to show!


Already FOUR!

Happy Fourth Birthday my Allysa!

Happy Birthday Allysa!!
Llysa-loo, I can hardly believe that its been 4 years since you’ve been born. You surprise me every day with your discoveries.
Allysa with her birhday surprises!
Your creativity never seems to end, and neither does your energy. Your growing up faster than I blink and becoming quite the young lady.
Make a wish!
I’m up for any of your adventures my dear. I love you, Happy Birthday!

I ment to post this yesterday…

really I did.. but the camera was missing. I couldn’t remember where I put it, and I can’t even remember where I found it this morning. Anyway… thats the Mom brain.
I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday, and if you celebrate it I hope you had a lovely Easter. The kids and I did. Mike is still out at work, and if they don’t change the date for break he will be home this week. Saturday the kids and I egg-perimented (caution, there are going to be a few horrible puns rolling around this blog today!) with different egg dying techniques. (I should probably also warn you there are quite a bit of pictures hiding behind this page break!)

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Happy Ninth!

Happy 9th Birthday my Corra !

Corra and her new doll Mia
Your a wonderful little girl. Your thoughtful, and kind. Compassionate and unique. I can’t tell you how much your warm my heart. I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprises. We had a fun time coming up with them. I’m so glad your my little girl. I love you.
birthday surprise
I have a hard time believing that your nine already. Its been nine years. Nine. wow. Could you just do me one teensy little favor? Quit growing up so fast, mmmk? *smooch*

Happy 1st day of Spring!

I love Spring. Its my absolute favorite season. Fall is my second fav. Hearing the birds sing, the leaves start to come out. The beautiful spring green, and the sunshine! Spring hurry up!

To celebrate today I knit a few bluebirds, ok.. 3 bluebirds and a duckling… using the free bluebird pattern from berroco. I used knit picks wish in deep ocean knit at a very tight gauge using US 3 (3.25mm)dpns.
2 bluebirds
I started stuffing the little guys before I started the decreases for the head. I found it was a little easier to stuff them this way before the decreases where all done. The pattern doesn’t say where to attach everything. So I just winged it (ha ha). I gave the birds a little squish down so they would stand better and sewed the tail where the increases on the bottom stopped. I also made the beaks smaller so they would be less toucan-ish. I casted on 4 sts instead of 8. Folded the beak in half (cast on edge to the cast off edge) and then sewed it on. I found the directions for the yarn nest here on family fun’s website. It is a little flopsy. But that might be because of the yarn I used.
Picture 868
This little guy is on its way to someone special. I hope it brightens up her month. Found the nest at Jo-ann’s today. And do you have any idea how hard it is to find plain grape vine birds nests? I’ll be experimenting in making some birds nests this weekend. Bryce was watching me knit up the birds and made his own request for a duck
I used some unknown acrylic that someone gave me and the same US 3 (3.25mm) dpns. Before he asked me he said “you haven’t knitted me anything for awhile.” boy, he is one smart kid! And in true fashion its snowing here! Happy First day of Spring everyone!


Lookie!! Looooookkkkiiiieeee!!!!!
Fiddlehead mittens

hehehehe!! I’m super excited and its hard to restrain myself from running door to door showing all my neighbors my first bit of fair-isle stranded knitting!!! (I know at least one neighbor that wouldn’t think its a bit odd.) I started the fiddlehead mittens pattern from Hello yarn Sunday night. I’m using Lion-brand fisherman’s wool and Autumn House farms del rio. Both from the stash. I’m feeling mighty proud of myself right now!!! but then again I haven’t reached the thumb…..

Here’s a quick update on Allysa, she’s doing much better. We saw the Dr on Friday and he said according to the blood tests she doesn’t have any allergies. He said to only give her the albuterol breathing treatments when she is wheezing (not very helpful, its really hard for me to tell when she is wheezing). And to give her the steroid breathing treatment till we turn off the furnace. We will be seeing an asthma specialist in the end of April. Hopefully that will be a bit more helpful. I do apperciate you guys, you really helped make this hard time for me better. ((hugs))

Lots left to do today before I can pick up the mitten again, Corra’s birthday is Friday. And you all know Easter is on Sunday. The first day of Spring is tomorrow (I think). Oh, and yes, did you see the start of my mitten? Just in case you missed it the first time, I am a bit excited about it…

Picture 850

maybe, I should cut down on my caffeine intake.


….its a good thing when you have a daughter who’s feet are smaller than your Apres sock pal’s feet and your own. Even though its a good thing now, I have a feeling it might not be a good thing in a few years when she can fit into my clothes… but then again I will be able to fit into hers if she can fit into mine, right? Anyway…

Scrolling pink socks
I started these socks way back, December 18 to be exact. After finishing one leg I put the sock on hold to finish my sock pal socks. I picked them back up shortly after that and finished them on
February 13.
Scrolling pink socks
The stitch pattern is Scrolls from More sensational knitted socks. I casted on 64sts and knit 4 pattern repeats before turning the short row heel. I used my regular standard toe. I love that toe. I have no idea what its real name is, its the same on on my fit well socks pattern. Anyway, the scrolls pattern. Not so stretchy, really. It doesn’t stretch. At all. Barely a smidgen. Just so you know.
Scrolling pink socks
I used Shibuiknits fingering in blossom which I had purchased from Simply socks yarn Co. (wonderful service, quick shipping too.) Its a beautiful soft pink that is perfect for Corra. (Lucky duck.) I think that I used a little more than one hank, since there is a bunch left over from both hanks. This yarn has a beautiful hand, its soft and buttery. Beautiful yarn, and the stripes don’t show up in real life. If you saw the socks in person you wouldn’t even see them. I did come across one little unspun sluggy part. But damn. These are beautiful socks. That Corra, she’s one lucky duck.

well now…

…that was a completely unintentional blog break! February was, well a bitch. And I’m glad its over. There where good parts. The kids and I had a somewhat home-made Valentines day. The kids made Valentines for their teachers
Pop! Pop! Pop-u-lar Valentines!
(directions and templates here)

and for their classmates (click on each picture for the details)
Allysa's valentine's
Bryce's colorful Valentine's
Corra's Valentines
I really enjoyed helping the kids with their home-made Valentines. February also with it bought GS cookies. Oyi. Lets just say the cookies didn’t come in on time. Gah. And on the same day, same time. Bryce had his BS ceremony.
Bryce coloring
the only photo I have of him with out any other kids around, and he looks o-so-thrilled.

There has been lots of knitting around these parts, there are at least 2 FO’s that need their photo’s taken. But I finished and gifted my Dad’s socks *cough*inJanuary*cough* click on the photo for more info
Cable twist socks for Dad
I also knit a hat for my hairdresser/babysitter, also click on the picture for more info.
sorry, I do need to go to bed soon. The kids have certainly been keeping me super busy. Allysa has been sick off and on since January. She keeps wheezing. She gets sick, wheezes, gets better and it comes freaking back in a week or two. She woke up wheezing very badly last night. I want to share this awesome website with ya’ll. To make a long story short we went to the Dr today. Allysa had a chest x-ray, some blood work (she is an amazing little girl) and we are now proud owners of a breathing machine. *sigh* The Dr. said she has a touch of asthma. (WTF is a touch of asthma? gr!) And she is now getting a breathing treatment 4 times a day plus a dose of steroids. Fun-tastic times. I hope this works, poor little girl. This has also been keeping me busy:

*grin* make sure your volume isn’t too loud.  Night!