….its a good thing when you have a daughter who’s feet are smaller than your Apres sock pal’s feet and your own. Even though its a good thing now, I have a feeling it might not be a good thing in a few years when she can fit into my clothes… but then again I will be able to fit into hers if she can fit into mine, right? Anyway…

Scrolling pink socks
I started these socks way back, December 18 to be exact. After finishing one leg I put the sock on hold to finish my sock pal socks. I picked them back up shortly after that and finished them on
February 13.
Scrolling pink socks
The stitch pattern is Scrolls from More sensational knitted socks. I casted on 64sts and knit 4 pattern repeats before turning the short row heel. I used my regular standard toe. I love that toe. I have no idea what its real name is, its the same on on my fit well socks pattern. Anyway, the scrolls pattern. Not so stretchy, really. It doesn’t stretch. At all. Barely a smidgen. Just so you know.
Scrolling pink socks
I used Shibuiknits fingering in blossom which I had purchased from Simply socks yarn Co. (wonderful service, quick shipping too.) Its a beautiful soft pink that is perfect for Corra. (Lucky duck.) I think that I used a little more than one hank, since there is a bunch left over from both hanks. This yarn has a beautiful hand, its soft and buttery. Beautiful yarn, and the stripes don’t show up in real life. If you saw the socks in person you wouldn’t even see them. I did come across one little unspun sluggy part. But damn. These are beautiful socks. That Corra, she’s one lucky duck.