Lookie!! Looooookkkkiiiieeee!!!!!
Fiddlehead mittens

hehehehe!! I’m super excited and its hard to restrain myself from running door to door showing all my neighbors my first bit of fair-isle stranded knitting!!! (I know at least one neighbor that wouldn’t think its a bit odd.) I started the fiddlehead mittens pattern from Hello yarn Sunday night. I’m using Lion-brand fisherman’s wool and Autumn House farms del rio. Both from the stash. I’m feeling mighty proud of myself right now!!! but then again I haven’t reached the thumb…..

Here’s a quick update on Allysa, she’s doing much better. We saw the Dr on Friday and he said according to the blood tests she doesn’t have any allergies. He said to only give her the albuterol breathing treatments when she is wheezing (not very helpful, its really hard for me to tell when she is wheezing). And to give her the steroid breathing treatment till we turn off the furnace. We will be seeing an asthma specialist in the end of April. Hopefully that will be a bit more helpful. I do apperciate you guys, you really helped make this hard time for me better. ((hugs))

Lots left to do today before I can pick up the mitten again, Corra’s birthday is Friday. And you all know Easter is on Sunday. The first day of Spring is tomorrow (I think). Oh, and yes, did you see the start of my mitten? Just in case you missed it the first time, I am a bit excited about it…

Picture 850

maybe, I should cut down on my caffeine intake.