Happy 1st day of Spring!

I love Spring. Its my absolute favorite season. Fall is my second fav. Hearing the birds sing, the leaves start to come out. The beautiful spring green, and the sunshine! Spring hurry up!

To celebrate today I knit a few bluebirds, ok.. 3 bluebirds and a duckling… using the free bluebird pattern from berroco. I used knit picks wish in deep ocean knit at a very tight gauge using US 3 (3.25mm)dpns.
2 bluebirds
I started stuffing the little guys before I started the decreases for the head. I found it was a little easier to stuff them this way before the decreases where all done. The pattern doesn’t say where to attach everything. So I just winged it (ha ha). I gave the birds a little squish down so they would stand better and sewed the tail where the increases on the bottom stopped. I also made the beaks smaller so they would be less toucan-ish. I casted on 4 sts instead of 8. Folded the beak in half (cast on edge to the cast off edge) and then sewed it on. I found the directions for the yarn nest here on family fun’s website. It is a little flopsy. But that might be because of the yarn I used.
Picture 868
This little guy is on its way to someone special. I hope it brightens up her month. Found the nest at Jo-ann’s today. And do you have any idea how hard it is to find plain grape vine birds nests? I’ll be experimenting in making some birds nests this weekend. Bryce was watching me knit up the birds and made his own request for a duck
I used some unknown acrylic that someone gave me and the same US 3 (3.25mm) dpns. Before he asked me he said “you haven’t knitted me anything for awhile.” boy, he is one smart kid! And in true fashion its snowing here! Happy First day of Spring everyone!