Happy Ninth!

Happy 9th Birthday my Corra !

Corra and her new doll Mia
Your a wonderful little girl. Your thoughtful, and kind. Compassionate and unique. I can’t tell you how much your warm my heart. I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprises. We had a fun time coming up with them. I’m so glad your my little girl. I love you.
birthday surprise
I have a hard time believing that your nine already. Its been nine years. Nine. wow. Could you just do me one teensy little favor? Quit growing up so fast, mmmk? *smooch*


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  1. Happy Birthday. You are as pretty as your mother:D

    Mom get used to it – just wait till your “baby is 14! I’m still struggling with that and he’s soon to be 15! Snifff…..

  2. Happy really belated birthday Corra. You really are growing up so fast. I remember when you were born….well…sorta…i was 9, and i really don’t remember that much. lol. but just think…in 9 years you’ll be 18 and we can go to clubs and gamble…haha…jk jk! Seriously, i agree with your mom, don’t grow up too fast…kuz eventually you will have to get a job and have to become responsible and have to pay bills…and it sucks. And school will get harder and eventually you won’t like it, but stick it out…you’ll get through it and you have a big family to help you out. And you always have your big cousin Heather. And you can call her anytime. I Love You Corra. Be good…and pick on your mom and big guy for ME. *HUGS*

  3. …i forgot to add…you will be driving in 7 years, and it’ll go by FAST…TRUST ME! and you will start liking boys…and wanting to go on dates. And don’t hate your mom for wanting to know everything about him. She’s just looking out for you. And soon enough your mom will be “embarassing” to you, but that’s okay…you two will eventually be best friends and laugh about it later on in life. WOW…i just can’t believe that you’re nine already. and my 2nd to youngest sister in 8. Time goes by wayyy to fast and i don’t want either of you to grow up to fast.

    ….BTW…AUNTIE…i think that when you come up this summer…i think that i want to get corra and Bryce together with Rachel and Bekah (my little sisters). They are just the right ages. I would drive them to places. You wouldn’t have to worry about that. MUAHAHAHA…lol..i’m only kidding.

    LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!


  4. It was fun singing you “Happy Birthday” on your birthday. Pepe drove into town so that we could sing to you together! I’m pretty sure you had a great birthday.
    We hope to come see you guys next month, I’ll be bringing you your birthday present(s). I know you are looking forward to that.
    BTW, don’t grow up too fast.
    Love you, Mema

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