Icky, sicky and I’ll spare you the goo…

Thank goodness Mike was home when this happened. We went out to eat Friday night, 45 minutes later I got sick. Food poisoning. Icky, sicky food poisoning. Then Saturday when I felt worse Mike took me to the ER. We spent 6 hours there. Fun times..
icky, sicky and I'll spare you the goo
Now, I’m on antibiotics for the rest of the week.. and feeling better! But unfortunitly since I spent most of the weekend sleeping there wasn’t much knitting. Soon though there will be knitting to show!


7 responses

  1. you poor thing – food poisoning is absolutely the worst. I have never felt so close to death or wanting to die as I did when I had food poisoning. Hope you are back up to snuff soon.

  2. Oh, sweetie! I feel your pain-not once but twice. I know you wanted to die. It’s horrible. Hope that you feel better soon and can get back to knitting!!!!

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