April Fools!

scene: The breakfast table this morning
April Fools Allysa!
Allysa: “My cereal is hard! the spoon won’t go in!”
*Mommy snickering*
April Fools Bryce!
Bryce: “No matter how many times I try… the milk is still hard!”
*Mommy snickering*
April Fools Corra!
Corra: Mine’s hard too! Hey! The Milk is frozen!
Mommy laughing: April Fools! I froze the milk in the cereal last night. *laughing*
Corra: “Wait that’s not till April 13!”
Mommy shaking her head: “Corra, its today!”*laughing*
Having kids is so much fun! Hope everyone has a Happy April Fools day! I’m feeling much, much better now. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. You such a good bunch! ((hugs))


8 responses

  1. Muahaha, too funny!

    Dan’s teacher really got him. He gave a pop quiz and the first half was deceptively fine but the second half was material they hadn’t covered. They all protested, he had answers for all their protests. When they passed in their quizzes he dropped them in the recycle bin, april fools! Oh gosh were they mad but he was ready for that too and passed out rice crispy bunnies.

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