Every day should be Earth Day

Never mind that Earth Day was yesterday, but it really should be every day. We only have one Earth after all. Over here at Chez Mistress Stash Enhancer we are making small changes, but we all know how quickly small changes add up!

  • I switched to Seventh Generation’s dish detergent and laundry soap. I’ve also started using vinegar when I wash my towels. (Now that I know you put it in the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. I’m a bit slow sometimes!) I’ve been using Clorox greenworks multi-purpose spray, no other cleaner has made my stove sparkle. Once its all used up I’m planning on making my own cleaners from this site. If you guys have any good recipes for safe green cleaners let me know please!
  • I’m in the process of making about 50 fabric napkins for my family to use instead of paper.

Picture 1156
I can’t tell you how much they have cheered up the table! And my father pointed out that the napkins also make nice hats, bandanna’s and blindfolds. All during dinner. (I’m looking forward to picking out his retirement home. mahahhahah!!) I have a few more to make…now that I’ve realized I’m going to have to make around 80 to last us a week. Crappers!

  • I’ve started brining my ownbags to the grocery store

Picture 1154
I was thinking of making my own, but seriously that would take a few weeks before that would happen! So I bought a few more during my last visit to the grocery.

  • We’ve been recycling for the past year… or has it been two years? Anyway two weeks ago I let the kids out of the van while I sorting the recyclables into the bins. They love it, and call it the “Recycling game”.

Recycling with children
After they ran into each other, and me, a few times too many I had them line up. After they take a turn they move to the back. In our town you have to bring your recycling to the recycling center and sort it yourself. Its not very well advertised that our town even has this center I didn’t know about it until after I had been living here for 3 years!! . I can’t tell you how much of a shock it was when I moved to Pennsylvania after living in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts everyone recycles. Okay, maybe not *everyone* but mostly.

  • I bring our used dead batteries into our local Walmart’s photo center for recycling. Walmart also excepts old glasses for the Lion’s club. (I know Walmart isn’t perfect and I’m in no way defending the big box store. But they have been making “green” choices for a number of years. The boxes they use for softlines are reused a number of times before recycling. Also all the cardboard is recycled. Those are just 2 of the things I picked up on when I worked there 6 years ago.)
  • Slowly I’m switching the lightbulbs in the house over to the energy smart lightbulbs. Which did you know there are special ones for lights on a dimmer switch?
  • I’m trying to drive less into “town” (where all the big stores are, its 22miles roundtrip). But every time I say I’m trying to drive into town 1 or 2 a week one of the kids ends up sick and I’m driving into town 3 or 4 times that week! I also carpool with families who are on my kids ball teams. We take turns taking each other’s kids to practice.
  • Unplugging electronics that aren’t being used. This is especially hard for me, but I’m getting better! It still boggles my mind that the electronics are pulling power when they are off. I’m hoping to get some of these smart strips in the near future for the 2 tv’s, dvrs and Mike’s “Kingdom”.

Mike is going to be thrilled when he comes home, I want to change the shower head over to a water saving one, change the screen thingies on the facets over to ones that add more air into the water (like that made sense right?!) and I would really like to start a compost bin. I have to research more into the composting. I’m not all sure what all you add to it, and where I should put it on our property. Our property is mostly woods, with one side on the town’s line. Personally I don’t want critters to close to the house. (Ahem, Dad. Like the bear.)

Since every day should be Earth Day, what are you doing that’s green?


10 responses

  1. Be careful if you make the baking soda mixed with dish detergent scrub stuff, it takes a while to rinse off and makes the tub super slippery until it’s gone. I made the mistake of standing in the tub to clean the walls.

    I’ve been spraying the tub every couple of days after I shower with a mixture of 75% vinegar, 25% water. I figure if I never let it get dirty, I have to do less work and I’m all for that!

  2. Oooh, you go girl! Yes, after coming from upstate NY and our recycling program, PA was a huge let down.

    We started using the bags at the store too. We have switched all the lightbulbs in our house over to the new flourescent ones and noticed a big difference in our electric bill.

  3. Forget the smart strips, way too much money. Plain power bars with on and off switch do the same job. I’ve had them on my tv, stereo, computer for the past year and it save an amazing amount of electricity and my pocketbook. I do all of the above except for light bulbs especially where I sit to knit. There was a study done and some people are so affected and become physically ill from them. I too have a sensitivity to them, they give me headaches…ciao

  4. It seems like drops in the ocean but I agree with you – and everyday will be Earth Day if we all do such small changes.

    We do a little this and that – we have a compost bin too, but I’m not an expert.

  5. Daddy thinks it was Raccoons not a Bear. The feeder is still in perfect condition and bears are known for destroying them. Raccoons would use their little hands to open it up to get the seed out. Plus raccoons have been spotted running up the ramp.

  6. Guess what! I just found out our town is starting to recycle this month. Twice a month at the town sheds. I am so pleased, I was a little disappointed that they are only accepting 1 and 2 for plastics, but hopefully they will expand on the project as it gets going.

  7. It’s nice to see that others are doing their part too… I use cloth diapers at home, and I made my own bags to go shopping . I never thought to make napkins, thanx… I also did ALOT of research on a company and now I’m a independent distributor…They make all natural planet friendly products. I mostly sell the cleaning products which can save you thousands of dollars a year…Check out their web-site http://www.Shaklee.com Let me know if you want to try anything I get a discount. It was nice to visit your blog again, it’s been awhile…

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