Dude, its MAY!

It’s been absolutely crazy here at Chez Mistress Stash Enhancer, I’m having a hard time believing that its really May. A lot of it has to do with Allysa’s headstart graduation er, stepping up party tomorrow. I think Headstart is a wonderful program and I am super happy that I was able to at least get Allysa into the homebased program this year. I wanted to give back some, and am helping out with the graduation, sorry stepping up party. The teacher, another mother and I loved the idea of a carnival that a neighboring program had for their party. So we are doing an animal themed carnival party. (Everything is better with a theme right?) I saw this awesome picture on flickr after finding the purl frog from purl bee I knew I had to whip one up.
Frog toss- the whole shabang
click here to see the inside of the bag and here to see another picture of the froggies and lily pads. I plan on giving the set to her teacher tomorrow. I used a small canvas bag from Jo-anns, felt for the numbers and lily pads. I used Heat and Bond ultra bond to adhere the numbers to the lily pads, and the lily pad to the bag.

We burned a bunch of pictures we all took of all the kids over the school year onto CD’s. I used card stock to make cases and hand stamped them using stamps from Stamping Up! I would have loved to make covers for the CD’s themselves but my printer is (hopefully) being fixed by HP.
CD cases

I’ve also been busy this week making a wack of dishcloths
a wack of dishcloth's
I used Abigail’s pinwheel dishcloth pattern. I CO 15 sts and used a 3 needle BO because I was too lazy to get up and find a piece of waste yarn… anyway it took half a ball to make one cloth. And they are just the right size! This has to be my favorite dishcloth pattern. I luve it!
I also sewed up a wack of pouches for her teachers too.
All of them together now
I was inspired by the pattern in bend the rules sewing. I put the lining in differently with these bags. I don’t like to hand sew. So I sewed the lining and the outside fabric to the zipper at the same time. (Like that makes any sense at all.) click here if you want to see individual photo’s of the pouches and their innerds.
I stamped up thank you cards to go with the pouches and washcloths today.
Picture 1284
I used a brayer to apply ink from a rainbow ink pad onto white cardstock. Butterfly stamp is from Stamping Up! Thank you stamp is from Jo-ann’s or Michael’s I can’t remember! I stamped a butterfly on the corner of each of the envelopes as well.

After I had finished assembling everything I had Allysa pick out 1 pouch for each of her 5 teachers, a washcloth to go with it. , a handful of lifesavers picked out by Allysa, a penny (because you shouldn’t give a bag or purse with out a penny!) and a handstamped card.
Allysa's teacher's gifts
Now they are all wrapped up and ready for tomorrow.
Allysa's teacher's gifts all wrapped up
Now that I’m done babbling I’m ready for tomorrow too. I hope to get all caught up this week… we’ll see what really happens! Night!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Looking at all of your handmade goodness brought me back to when I did the teacher gift goodies! I loved making the gifts for them and I know they loved receiving them – beats a gift card any day!!!!!! You did a beautiful job Amanda, and I have NO DOUBT that the teachers will love everything you’ve made and that your Allysa will remember all of this and do the same someday with her little ones! You are amazing!:)

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