Random FO’s

This week is the epitome of crazy. Really, no kidding. I’ll spare you the page long story, ok? I’m just stoked cause I’m going to camp! Ok, Corra is going too. I’m talking about GS camp its only 2 days. But its long enough. I’m super excited even though its what is making my week crazy. But its ok, when I’m busy like this I don’t have time to think. And that’s ok right now. So since my brain feels like toast and I have a few FO’s that I haven’t even talked about started I’m going to throw them right at you and then hopefully catch up on some emails. (Ha. I hear you laughing!)

1. Yurdel *the* turtle
Yurdel the Turtle
click here to see more photo’s on flickr
pattern: Sheldon by Ruth Homrighaus published in Knitty Winter 2006
yarn: light green: Red Heart acrylic in apple green?
dark green some unknown green acrylic
needles: US 3 (3.25mm) and US 4 (3.50mm)
extra’s? 2 safety eyes
time? uhhh.. I think I knit this in April… or May…
for? Mike’s cousin’s baby if I ever find a cute book for a 1 year old about turtles. (I realize that I also have to part with the cuteness that is this turtle.)
ravelry link here

click here to see another photo on flickr
pattern: bauble by Rosemary Hill published in Knitty Spring 2007
materials: stretch magic cord. Seed beads, white and pink beads that I had and wanted to use up.
needles: US 6 (4.0mm)
time: I might have knit this in January… but I can’t remember!
for? A friend
ravlery link here

click here to see more photo’s on flickr
pattern: marshmallow bonnet from itty bitty hats (ravelry link)
size: 6-12m
yarn: Jo-ann sensations bellezza collection tesoro (from the stash) 100% wool
MC 8000 (white) lot 99
CC 954 (pink) lot 56
needles: US 7 (4.50mm)
hook: H (for the loopies)
gauge: 5sts/inch
mods: I crocheted a chain of pink and weaved it in the turning row. Completely inspired by sunshineyarn’s bonnet.
notes: We accidentally left Kailey’s hat at Grandmie C’s house after Thanksgiving dinner. Her dog was a little hungry and chewed off the chin strap. Instead of dipping into another ball of white I used some leftover pink to repair the chin strap on 1/14/08.
Damned dog.
ravlery link here

4 more dishcloths
4 more dishcloths
pattern: Abigail’s fabulous pinwheel dishcloth pattern (lookie in the sidebar)
yarn: Sugar n’ cream or peaches and cream…. (I’m hitting the pitches tonight aren’t I?)
needle: US 8
mods: I CO15 sts to make a smaller dishcloth that fits right into my hand. And by casting on 2 less sts you can get 2 cloths from 1 ball.

That’s it for tonight, I have to hurry up and pack for camp. And my brain is toast!


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