Daisy just needed a button

its quite sad really, I found this sweater while cleaning up and realized all it needed was a button. I knit it ages ago, (2005) for my ex-sil’s baby.
Picture 1496
But it didn’t quite make it to her. I couldn’t gift this sweater away, because at the time I finished it I wasn’t quite proud of my garment knitting skills and ended up buying her a store bought gift instead.
Picture 1500
Its a little small on Kailey. But I’m going to pretend they’re quarter length sleeves. Maybe I’ll add some ribbon cuffs to add a bit of length.
But now daisy has a button and all’s good.
Picture 1505
project stats:
pattern: Daisy by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee published in Knitty, Summer 2003
size: small? 0-3months maybe.
yarn: Reynolds Saucy color 308 (pink) about 1 I think. Purchased from Webs
random cotton used for the flower *ahem* embroidery (yeah, I’m going there. And I’m calling that crap embroidery.)
needles: US 7 / 4.5 mm
time: knit sometime in 2005, button added June 2008
ravled here
Picture 1508
click here for more pictures on flickr.

As ya’ll are reading this I’m driving my way to Wilkes barre PA to meet my mom and my niece. So much for not driving a lot this summer.


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