sleeves of indecision

really, who knew that sleeves could be so indecisive? Ok, your right. Its not really the sleeves that are indecisive its me, the bearer of the sleeves.
sleeves of indecision 5
click on the picture to embiggen, or click here to see the same picture without the effects.

I’m talking about the sleeves on my In wine [there is the] truth sweater (also known as the february lady sweater). When I first saw the pattern I thought: “Yes, I love that sweater. But with longer sleeves, wrist length sleeves.” But when I got to the point of three-quarter length sleeves… I changed my mind. Something I might regret come winter. If I ever get around to it, my 2nd lady sweater will have long sleeves. But right now I’m loven the look with the short sleeves.
sleeves of indecision 2

click on photo to embiggen, click here to see same photo without effects.

what can I say other than I’m incredibly indecisive? And just because I just might change my mind, again, I put in a life line before I knit the cuff.

hrmph, darned fickle sleeves.


3 responses

  1. *First* …hehe

    I love that last pic of you it looks like you are standing in a jungle… with a frozen frapp in hand *snicker*

  2. Solution: You just need to figure out how to make removable sleeves. So you can have it 3/4 length (which looks cute) in the spring/summer/fall, and then just add on the additional length for winter!

    If you can come up with an elegant way to do that, sell your idea, and you’ll be rich! Rich I tell ya! 😉

  3. I like the 3/4 sleeves but I think you are right when you say come winter you may regret that decision. I have always liked longer sleeves because I can push them up. Then again, I tend to stretch them out too. See you are not the only one who can’t make up her mind.

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